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Bell pepper export from Iran

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Export of bell pepper from IranThe advantages of Iranian best bell pepperDesirability of Iranian bell pepperThe popular color of bell pepperIranian bell peppers are very popular worldwideIranian bell peppers are very popular worldwideBell pepper production in IranPopular colors for Bell PepperBell pepper export of IsfahanMajor production of Bell Pepper in YazdBell pepper export from IranThe sale price of Bell Pepper
Bell pepper export from Iran

The best Bell pepper export from Iran to other countries via Vitarad company. These crops possess the needed standards from quality and desirability point of view and therefore they have favorable sale. Today in Iran bell pepper is an agricultural crop that many farmers breed and sell.

Export of bell pepper from Iran

Some countries have markets to import bell pepper crop from Iran. These countries are common buyers of colorful bell pepper from Iran: Russia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Georgia, Emirate, Turkey and Armenia. Export department of Vitarad company sends weekly bell pepper and other agricultural crops to these countries.

Bell pepper export from Iran was started long time ago and today it is a successful action. The prices bell pepper are changing daily and we announce them via Vitarad website. When you order this crop, it goes to sorting room and then it is packing.

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Three colors that are red, yellow and green are loaded on the container with 14 ton capacity.[/box]

Export of bell pepper from Iran

The advantages of Iranian best bell pepper

Because Iranian producers enjoy the professional methods to produce bell pepper we can observe harvest of the best crop to dispense in national and international markets. Iranian bell pepper has these advantages: 1- transparent color 2- the best quality 3- standard size 4- natural color 5- excellent taste 6- desirability.

We can see that many companies are active in bell pepper export action from Iran. These companies aim markets of different countries and sell these crops to them. Then you can observe providing the best bell pepper from Iranian exporters to these countries. Constant commerce in ground of bell pepper is a special activity. A crop that has all advantages makes your commercial business more successful than other activities.

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Therefore you must look for these parameters.[/box]

The advantages of Iranian best bell pepper

Desirability of Iranian bell pepper

Iranian bell pepper is more desirable than other countries’ bell pepper. To know the reason of this issue, you must study some points. The first point: Iran has a climate that contains all four seasons, thus Iran has this possibility to cultivate the best vegetables that has highest quality.

Because Iran has fertilized soil and desirable atmosphere and good climate, the bell pepper that is cultivated in Iran can be provided for export. Bell pepper export from Iran is so that its high quality and low price makes that more desirable. Iranian bell pepper is safe a safe crop. Notice that export methods of this crop differ from the other crops. And it differs from one country to another. These methods are: Seaway, airway or road way.

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Depend on the distance of target country, we provide the best condition to deliver the safe crop.[/box]

Desirability of Iranian bell pepper

The popular color of bell pepper

You know that bell pepper has various colors. The red export bell pepper is more favorable for the customers. A bell pepper merchant knows the requirement of costumer and he knows the reason for popularity of red bell pepper. Different colors of bell pepper show existence or lack of a special material in it. The red color of bell pepper is because of a material named Lycopene. This material leads to the red color of bell pepper and also has some antioxidants that prevalent the cancer and heart attack.

The buyers of bell pepper often order the red ones because red bell peppers have abundant amounts of helpful materials. Because Russia has very cold weather and cannot produce this crop, it buys export bell pepper from Iran. Because the population of the world is increasing and the food sources are decreasing, the producing of export bell pepper attracts the attention of food material merchants and exporters. Notice that red bell pepper has better food materials and order this crop.

[box type=”success” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Amount of vitamins and antioxidants in red and colorful bell pepper is two times more than green bell pepper these are the reasons of popularity of these peppers.[/box]

The popular color of bell pepper

Iranian bell peppers are very popular worldwide

Iran is among the biggest producers of bell peppers in the world and produces thousands of tons of this vegetable in open farms and greenhouses all over the country. Bell pepper export from Iran is also a multi-million dollar industry and Iranian bell peppers are very popular worldwide.
Bell peppers are really healthy vegetables that besides having many different colors, also have more than their share of vitamins and minerals.
They are an amazing source of vitamin C, which can boost the immune system and lower the chances of heart disease.

Other nutritional benefits of bell peppers include:

  • thiamin
  • folate
  • magnesium
  • copper


Iranian bell peppers are very popular worldwideBell pepper production in Iran

Bell peppers are among the popular vegetables cultivated in Iran. Iran has a lot of different cities with different climate, topologies, soil, and altitudes, and some of them are really suitable for farming vegetables and bell peppers.
Iran is also among the countries that has bell pepper exports, and besides satisfying the needs of the internal markets, sells some bell peppers to the world.
Current bell pepper production yield from the Iranian farms are around 15 kilograms per cubic meters which is a real high figure among other vegetables.
A big part of the Iranian bell peppers are exported to Middle Eastern countries and Russia every year.Bell pepper production in Iran


Popular colors for Bell Pepper

The most common colors of bell peppers are green, yellow, orange and red, and there are also some rare colors like purple and brown.
Red bell peppers are actually the ripe versions of the green ones and are the healthiest.
The amount of nutrients in red bell peppers is much higher than the green ones and higher than yellow and orange colors as well.
Bell peppers are mostly chosen by their colors, because their versatility can help people to design their dishes better.Popular colors for Bell Pepper


Bell pepper export of Isfahan

Isfahan is one of the largest cities in the center of Iran and is also the capital of the state of Isfahan as well. Isfahan has more than 2500 greenhouses which expanded in hundreds of hectares of lands and employs around 11000 people.
Bell pepper production in Isfahan is at its peak due to the suitable climate conditions and the availability of greenhouses in the city.
The bell peppers produced in Isfahan are mostly organic and have amazing taste and quality.Bell pepper export of Isfahan


Major production of Bell Pepper in Yazd

Yazd is a big city in the middle of Iran and also is the capital of Yazd Province. There are a lot of fruits and vegetables farmed in this city because of its suitable climate.
Around 14 percent of the Iranian bell peppers produced in Yazd. These bell peppers produced in both open farms and greenhouses in the city.
Also Yazd accounts for a lot of bell peppers exports from Iran, and has its products sent both to local markets and international markets all over the world.Major production of Bell Pepper in Yazd


Bell pepper export from Iran

Bell peppers are among the vegetables and fruits exported from Iran. Russia is the biggest importer of Iranian bell peppers in the world. The market for bell pepper exports from Iran is really popular due to the high quality and the organic nature of these products.
Most of the bell peppers also exported to neighbor countries which makes the transportation cheaper and shorter. It is also more convenient due to the bell pepper’s short sell by date and fragile nature.


[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]You can see in blew video, the process of bell pepper packaging for export from Iran:[/box]

The sale price of Bell Pepper

The price of bell peppers mostly depend on their colors. The red and orange one are the ripe versions, which need to spend more time on the plant.
Therefore have a higher production cost, and subsequently a higher market price. Green bell peppers are the unripe versions and harvested really fast, and usually cost less in the international markets.
Also bell peppers from open farms cost more than bell peppers from the greenhouses, because of their higher quality. These peppers received actual sunlight and besides being bigger in size, have a more unique taste and quality.

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