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buy pomegranate | How to buy pomegranate in bulk?

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When can I buy pomegranates?price list of pomegranate in market best pomegranate suppliers in IranWhich Countries Are Exporting pomegranate?

Fruits include a rich variety of vitamins, Fiber, Carbohydrates, and Protein. Consuming them will definitely refresh your body to a good level. When you decide to buy pomegranate from the grocery store in the market, Be careful about the freshness of the fruit. These types of fruits consist of Vitamin c is a rich source of antioxidants. This fruit is believed to cure or reduce the pace of Alzheimer and so on. If you are a buyer or trader, this is one of the profitable things, you need to consider.
buy pomegranate | How to buy pomegranate in bulk?

When can I buy pomegranates?

When can I buy pomegranates?One of the nutritious and yummy fruits which are originated from Iran to India and then distributed to all over the world is something that you may see like an apple with seed. Pomegranate vitamins are highly essential for our body. This type of fruits which are accessible in winter is used in many areas like baking, juice, medicine production and so on. Surely, the fruits look great when they have grown fully and the taste is super sour which makes you like its sharpness. In some areas of the earth, the quality of the fruits is different due to its soil.

This fruit is generally in season from September to January. And in the northern hemisphere are available from  March to May. You may know that the time of pomegranate is in late fall and winter. If you buy them in bulk and be sure you do it at a convenient time for example from march 15th march to the end of the month. These months are the best chances to get them.

price list of pomegranate in market

price list of pomegranate in market Each fruit needs its own specific condition to grow. These types of fruit are not different. Whether you buy pomegranate in bulk or retail for your personal use, expect various prices which may be shocking.

Iranian pomegranates are priced the least cost in the world, they cost $0.07 per kg for wholesale. It is really interesting that buying from this country will free you from extra transportation fee. Besides, the low value of currency will ensure you get a lot of profits for trading. India is next lowest country which you can trade with them. The $0.24 price of the marvelous red fruit will fulfill all the points you want. You may know the average price of the pomegranates is $1.64 per kg. Thus, you make a dollar interest in a kilo which means a lot in tonnage. Do not be in rush, make all the aspects considered and then go for the business.

best pomegranate suppliers in Iran

best pomegranate suppliers in IranIran territory is the mainland for these stylish fruits. It is important to know those high-quality products the farm companies provide are outstanding. The flavour and the taste of pomegranate you earn from this country are not comparable with other pomegranates supplier in the world. Many important sites in Iran are the main places that you can find these precious red seeds. States like Kurdestan, Tabriz and Hamedan are the best suppliers in Iran, Also some other places like Saveh which is the productive location in the country.

Our company with incredible experience in Farming and trading is now prepared to begin full support and guarantee for whom want to trade in this area.

Which Countries Are Exporting pomegranate?

Which Countries Are Exporting pomegranate?The top exporter countries in this area are not a lot. As indicated above, the biggest producers are the top exporters. Iran is the largest producer and exporter country in the world. India and The United States of America are the other ones. In South America, Peru production experience slow growth in its exporting. Besides, exporting organic pomegranate fruits is a very difficult job to do. you need to keep them fresh for a couple of days or month to arrive at the destination country. In Europe, Spain wants to get its role from the bosses. But, the low price of this product makes it very difficult to go up fast.

In the end, we are at the center and motherland of pomegranate, Iran would offer you the challenging wholesale price and the least expensive cost in transportation. If you become willing to trade with us, we are always available.

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