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buy grapes wholesale

Buy grapes wholesale

The price buy grapes wholesale of in the Iranian market reasonable and this has provided the conditions for exporting it. So companies also sell this product to different countries. Fortunately, in Iran we can see different varieties of grapes, each of which has its own characteristics and usually has its …

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Iranian Grapes for export to Russia

Iranian grapes for export

The field of Iranian grapes for export to russia is ready and ready. Qazvin’s grape export to Russia in 1997 was $ 700 million. Only 20% of Qazvin province’s exports to Russia indicative of the capacity needed to boost trade. There are 230 merchants, traders and exporters active in Qazvin …

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Export of grapes from Iran

export of grapes from iran

Shahroud is the country’s grape production hub and 10 percent export of grapes from iran are harvested from Shahroud Gardens in Semnan province. The average grape harvest in the country is 15 tons per hectare, but in the last four years, this figure in Semnan province is still higher than …

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Purchase price of grapes from Iran

Purchase price of grapes

Many different types of grapes harvested and packaged for exports in the Iranian vineyards all over the country, as Iran is the 8th largest producer of these fruits in the world. The purchase price of grapes from Iran are different based on many factors like their cultivars, harvesting time, and …

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Green grape exports from Iran

Green grape exports

Green grape is one of the most popular types of grape exports. In the green grape exports due to the properties and uses of this product one of the best export options. For green grape exports from Iran there are a few points to note: maintain the product of corruption …

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Supplier company for grape exports

grape exports

Iran is among the top ten producers of grapes in the world, and dominates a large part of the fresh grape markets in the Middle East and West Asian regions. There are a lot of supplier company for grape exports, which are active in Iran, and sell these high quality …

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Production of black grapes for export to UAE

black grapes for export

Iran is the 8th largest producer of grapes in the world, and produces many different colors of high quality table grapes such as green, yellow, red, and black. Black grapes are among the most luxurious and popular of these products and there are production of black grapes for export to …

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Iranian white grapes on the Russian market

White grapes

Like many other Iranian fruit, the high quality grapes of this country are also very popular on the international markets and sent to many different countries including Russia. There are tons of Iranian white grapes on the Russian markets every year, and they are always in high demands there. Grapes …

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Price per ton of seedless grapes for export

seedless grapes

Besides producing a lot of side products, grapes often enjoyed for fresh consumption and there a lot of different seedless cultivars produced in Iran which are perfect for this purpose. The price per ton of seedless grapes for export is also different in each case and depends on the grape’s …

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