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Kiwi exports from Iran to the middle east

Kiwi exports from iran

Kiwi is one of the major export products of Iran which mainly cultivated in the northern parts of the country. Kiwi is one of the most popular products in many countries of the world and kiwi exports from Iran to the Middle East every year. Fortunately, Iran has a remarkable …

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Fresh kiwi fruit for sale

Fresh kiwi fruit for sale

A trader must be acquaintance with the price of fresh kiwi fruit for sale. Because in this way he can buy his ideal crop directly from the gardener and after standard packing and marketing deals, he can provide Iranian well-known kiwi to national and international markets. Although every year 300 …

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Buy premature kiwi for export from Iran

Buy premature kiwi for export

Kiwi and citrus production status is favorable due to favorable climatic conditions. We are expected to have good marketing in Buy premature kiwi for export from iran and export our product to the applicant countries, including Russia. Currently, more than 300,000 kiwi are produced annually in the country and the …

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Kiwi export from Iran

kiwi exports from iran

The kiwi plant is native to southern China and the national fruit of the People’s Republic of China and kiwi export from Iran to the Middle East. It was first exported from China to New Zealand at the beginning of the 20th century, also were grown commercially. The egg-shaped kiwi …

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Green kiwi exporter from Iran

Green kiwi exporter

Kiwis are among the newest agricultural products in Iran with only a few decades of history, but even in this short time, Iran has become the 4th largest producer of kiwis in the world. There are also a lot of companies which act as Green kiwi exporter from Iran and …

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Golden Kiwi exports to Arab countries

Golden Kiwi exports

Golden kiwis are among the rarest and most exotic fruits of the world, and there are many few countries that produce and harvest them on large commercial scales. There are lots of golden kiwi exports to Arab countries in the Middle East, and there are also plans to expand this …

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Yellow Kiwi production for export

Yellow Kiwi production

Kiwi is one of the greatest fruits with lots of minerals and vitamins which was first known as the Chinese gooseberry and then named as the kiwi animal in New Zealand. Yellow kiwi production in Iran is supplying the local and also exported to other countries to meet a part …

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Green and golden kiwi exports from Iran

Green and golden kiwi

Green kiwis have been a popular part of the international kiwi markets over the past few decades, and now there is a new trend which is golden. There are few countries like Iran which produce both of them, but there are many green and golden kiwi exports from Iran every …

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