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Cheapest price of grapes for export

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Cities producing grapes inش IranBuy grapes at harvest timeGrape packaging for exportExport grapes From IranCheapest price of grapes
Price of grapes

Iran is one of the main suppliers of fresh table grapes in the Middle East region and offers some of the cheapest price of grapes for exports among these countries. The products of this country are also extremely high quality, and a favorite among all of the foreign importing markets in the world.

Iranian grapes are full of different useful nutrients and are one of the greatest sources of vitamin C and anti-oxidants in nature. The price of grapes for these products are affordable for the countries in the region, and there are large amounts of exports every year. They commonly imported as top shelf grapes, and are perfect for fresh consumption.

Price of grapes

Cities producing grapes inش Iran

Different varieties of grapes produced in various cities all over the Iran, and each of these producing cities has its own climate, which makes their grape products unique and special. The price of grapes is also very different on the local and international markets.

There both sweet and sour grapes produced in Iran, but sweet types are much more popular among the foreign customers. Sweet grapes produced mostly in the southern and central states of Iran, while the sour types are more common in the north. This is because of the difference in sunlight. Most of the northern cities are often cloudy and don’t get much sun.

Price of grapes

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Buy grapes at harvest time

The harvesting time of the Iranian grapes starts from September and usually lasts for a couple of months. There are also a lot of benefits in purchasing the grapes in the harvesting season. The most important is the price of grapes, as it is usually lower in these months, because there are a lot of competing products n the market.

Also, the grapes distributed in these months are fresh and are not frozen. The fresh grapes are much higher in quality, and are actually healthier than the frozen types. Overall, the end of the summer and the first half of autumn, are the best months to buy Iranian grapes.

Price of grapes

Grape packaging for export

Grapes are very fragile fruits by nature, so the packaging process plays an important role in their exporting process. The transportation and the storage of the grapes would be impossible without the packages. These packages also protect the products from heat and physical harms along the way.

Companies produce these packages from plastic or cardboard and they come in different sizes and capacities. In order to send the products to the top fruit markets in the world, special luxury packages required. This is a costly step in the process, but it will increase the Price of grapes on the markets.

Price of grapes

Export grapes From Iran

Iran is the largest supplier of high quality table grapes in the region, and many foreign companies interested in the Iranian products. Most Middle Eastern countries do not produce grapes on large scales. Also grapes are very important in the everyday diet of these people and is very popular.

So they need to supply their markets from foreign producers. This huge demanding grape market, is a great opportunity for Iran to export and sell its grapes, and make a profit. The high quality Iranian grapes are also very popular in the region’s markets and the Price of grapes are really suitable.

Price of grapes

Cheapest price of grapes

The price of grapes produced in Iran, is affordable for both the local consumers, and the foreign countries importing it. As it was mentioned before, Most of the costumers the neighboring countries of Iran. So as a result of being so close, they don’t need to spend a lot of money on transportation. This short distance will allow the grapes to transported to the markets fast and cheap.

Also in this method, you always assured to get the freshest grapes, straight from the vineyards. There also second grader Iranian grapes being exported which are much cheaper and used to make side products in factories. Overall, the Iranian grapes are the best option for Middle Eastern grape importers.

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