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commercial cucumber production | Who Sells Fresh cucumber?

Five top cucumber producing countries are famous for their commercial cucumber production in the world, one of which is Iran. In Iran, two species of cucumbers, field and greenhouse cucumbers are generally produced. In addition to being eaten alone, cucumbers are also used in many salads. Therefore, the main question is:”who sells fresh cucumber?”. It is better to buy and consume cocumbers at the time of harvest in order to be fresh. Cucumber life is shorter than other fruits. 

commercial cucumber production | Who Sells Fresh cucumber?

What kind of soil do cucumbers like?

What kind of soil do cucumbers like?For planting cucumbers, the main question is “what kind of soil do cucumbers like?.  To find a way for how to grow cucumbers, the following points are important to know. Soil used in greenhouse cucumbers should be light and sandy loam and be well permeable. This type of soil will be better for planting cucumber if it is strengthened by humus. Reinforcement of light soils can be provided by animal fertilizers.If the soil is a little heavy, it can be modified by adding some leached sand and gypsum with compost. This method is very economical. Fertile loam soil with good drainage is recommended for growing cucumbers. Due to water requirement of cucumbers, they need to be irrigated every 4-5 days and should be watered gently. In order to plant cucumbers, you first need to fertilize the soil with fertilizers, and then plant cucumbers by creating ridges and stream line.

What is cucumber production?

What is cucumber production?What is cucumber production?

Cocumbers are produced in th field as well as greenhouse. The greenhouse refers to a building covered with transparent material. They have passages with natural light to grow plants. The building is usually artificially heated. They may be stablished for permanent or temporary where all environmental factors can be controlled.The main problem of greenhouse cucumbers is the strong toxins that are injected into the cucumber bushes in the greenhouse. As a result, do not buy greenhouse cucumbers as long as the field cucumbers are available in the market. Field cucumbers are offered with more reasonable price than greenhouse cocumbers at the same time.One of the clearest signs of distinguishing field cucumbers from greenhouse varieties is seeds that are dispersed in fruit flesh. In field cucumbers, the seeds are visible and can feel them under the tooth.

Best Cheap cucumber Sales

Best Cheap cucumber SalesOne of the most important measures to improve the quality and quantity of production is the location of greenhouses, which not only enables crop cultivation in cold seasons but also increases yields for it. Fresh fruits are always expensive, but at the time that they are harvesting as the new fruits of the season, they are more abundant in native cucumber season. In the season of native cucumber harvest, greenhouse cucumbers become cheaper.  The transportation disruptions is natural to raise the price of these products on the market. There are price fluctuations in the market for some fruits, including cucumbers. Retailers they can add up to 5% profit to their friuts according to their invoices. Greenhouse cucumbers are offered in Isfahan at affordable prices because of the large volume of production around it and the small cost of distribution. Isfahan also has this product in different centers. Most of people select greenhousr cucumber from the products of their own province. Naturally, when this tree cucumber comes from the surrounding cities of Isfahan, it will be cheaper and easier to buy.

Which Countries Are Exporting cucumber More Than Other?

Which Countries Are Exporting cucumber More Than Other?Which countries are exporting cucumber more than other?

The largest producers of cucumbers in the world are China, Iran and Russia, respectively. Turkey is the fourth country. Since 2000, the US and Japan have reduced their production. Export cucumber marketing is focused on a target community of small retailers and chain stores in developed and developing countries around the world. Many manufacturing companies around the world have focused their marketing strategy on digital marketing. It should be noted that exporting fresh non-frozen vegetables and fruits like cucumers has a lot of risks for the seller or exporter due to the short life of the products.  exporters must have sufficient experience in exporting this type of product or exporting it through specialized companies in the field

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