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Export banana from Ecuador to Middle East

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Banana production in EcuadorPrice per ton of Ecuadorian bananas for exportExport banana from EcuadorBanana imports to Middle Eastern countriesBuy banana fruit for sale
Export banana from Ecuador

Middle East is among the biggest importers of bananas in the world, and on the other hand, Ecuador is its biggest exporter, so there will be some trade for sure. A lot of big international companies like Dole, Del Monde and Chiquita export banana from Ecuador to Middle East region and countries.

Ecuadorian bananas are very well known by most of the people in the world and can be found in most markets. Many of the top companies of the world Export banana from Ecuador, and the rest are very eager to trade them as well. Ecuadorian bananas are very famous, but they very well deserve it because of their high quality and extraordinary taste.

Export banana from Ecuador

Banana production in Ecuador

Ecuador is only the 8th biggest producer of bananas in the world, but nonetheless, Bananas are an important part of their life and their economy depends on it. There many banana plantations in Ecuador, and many Ecuadorian jobs directly connected to bananas. This banana industry is so big that a lot of local and international companies Export banana from Ecuador.
Also a lot of big international companies like Chiquita and Dole have branches and plantations there. Ecuadorian bananas not only plenty, but also one of the finest found in the world. Ecuador has the perfect tropical climate to produce some of the finest bananas in the world.

Export banana from Ecuador

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Price per ton of Ecuadorian bananas for export

Ecuador has more than 27% of the global banana exports and solely dominates the market. The prices of these bananas depends on a lot of factors but us still affordable. Most of the bananas produced in Ecuador are Cavendish, which is a very high quality cultivar. Also the prices usually drop a little bit during the peak of the harvesting seasons when there are a lot of products available.
The pries of these bananas set by the Ecuadorian officials, and will have a big impact on the international markets. But overall whatever the price may be, lots of companies will Export banana from Ecuador.

Export banana from Ecuador

Export banana from Ecuador

A big part of the economy of Ecuador built upon exporting bananas. Actually the names of this country and bananas tied together and known all over the world. Some of the biggest fruit companies in the world are active in these regions and Export banana from Ecuador. These Ecuadorian bananas exported to every corner of the globe on very large scales.
They very high quality and mostly grown organic, which makes them even more popular than before. Most countries try to import their fruit from the regional producers, but the fame of Ecuadorian bananas, sends them everywhere.

Export banana from Ecuador

Banana imports to Middle Eastern countries

Middle Eastern countries and especially Iran, are among the biggest importers of bananas in the world. This is because of the high population of the region and the importance of bananas in their diets. Most of the bananas in these regions supplied by big Asian producers. India, Thailand, and Philippines export large quantities of bananas to these countries every year.
Also many of them Export banana from Ecuador, as their bananas are very high quality and delicious. Ecuadorian bananas are known as a brand all over the world, and it is very easy to sell them in every market.

Export banana from Ecuador

Buy banana fruit for sale

Since bananas are the largest traded fruits in the world with the annual production of 150 million tons, it is quite easy to find them everywhere. They produced in all of the world’s continents in the tropical regions. China and India are the largest producers of the world, which makes Asia the continent with the most production. Bananas  traded on large scales by many companies in the world.
There are more than 100 countries that are producing and exporting bananas worldwide. Also with Ecuador having the biggest share in the market, many companies Export banana from Ecuador. Also since bananas harvested while unripe, they can transferred over long distances and still stay fresh.