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Export Iranian red and yellow apple

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Difference between red and yellow appleApples production in IranPrices per ton of red applesThe price per ton of apples for exportExports of apple from Iran
Red and yellow apple

Apples considered by many to be the best and healthiest fruits on the planet and they come in a lot of different shapes and colors with red and yellow being the most favorite of them all. There are a lot of active companies in Iran that export Iranian Red and yellow apple to the foreign markets.

Red and yellow apple fruits are both very nutritious and very popular in different regions of the world. Apples are rich in antioxidants, pectin, quercetin and flavonoids to protect our cells from oxidative damage, and keep our skin younger and without wrinkles. They also have been proven to have many different benefits for the heart, bowel and liver health.

Red and yellow apple

Difference between red and yellow apple

Technically speaking, there are some minor differences in the nutritional values of green, Red and yellow apple but overall, no matter the color they are one of the healthiest fruits in the world. According to studies, red apples and generally red fruits are higher in antioxidant levels. Yellow apples on the other hand may contain more fiber than the red types.
Red apples also contain higher amounts of anthocyanin which are found in the red skin of the fruit. Yellow apples also contain less carbohydrates and sugar than red apples. But overall, the health benefit differences are really negligible and the only difference that matters is their taste and colors.

Red and yellow apple

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Apples production in Iran

Iran is the biggest producer of red and yellow apple in the Middle East, and also one of the biggest in the world. There are around 1.2 million tons of Red Delicious apple produces within the country’s apple farms. Also the amount of production for the Golden Delicious cultivar is around one million tons a year.
These two are the most popular and widely cultivated apples in Iran, of course, there are more yellow and red apple cultivars produced within the country but with much lower amounts of production. Fuji for example is one of the world famous red apples which produced here.

Red and yellow apple

Prices per ton of red apples

There are a lot of factors in setting the prices of red and yellow apple fruits of Iran. Most of the red apple grown in Iran are of the Red Delicious variety. Because this cultivar is one of the most favorite apple type in the world, in usually has a globally known reference price. So most of the differences in the wholesale prices of the Iranian red apples will come from the transportation costs and methods.
That’s why most of the Iranian apples exported to the Middle Eastern and neighboring countries. These short distances will reduce the shipping costs and make the process more profitable.

Red and yellow apple

The price per ton of apples for export

The wholesale price of the red and yellow apple fruits is generally different for the distributers. These apples come from different cultivars with different farming conditions and qualities. So as a result, they all have different process when they hit the markets. There is no certain way to say which of the two between yellow and red apples are actually more expensive.
There are a whole variety of internationally popular yellow and red apple cultivars, and all of them have totally different prices. Red and yellow Iranian apples both distributed in the local and foreign fruit markets.

Red and yellow apple

Exports of apple from Iran

Most of the apple fruits produced in and exported from Iran are Red and yellow apple which are also the most favorite colors in the world. Most of the Red and yellow apple produced in Iran are of the Red and Golden Delicious cultivars. They account for more than 2.2 million tons, of the total 3.7 million tons of apples produced in Iran.
Iranian apples exported to many of the neighboring markets. Iraq and the United Arab Emirates are the biggest Middle Eastern customers of the Iranian apple. There also some apple exported to the European Union countries and Russia. Iranian apples are very popular in the Russian markets. Russia is also among the top three importers of these organic fruit from Iran.

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