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Export of red pomegranate to Iraq

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Iran is an important country producer of pomegranatePomegranate production in different cities of IranRed pomegranate harvest seasonIranian pomegranate buyers in IraqExport of red pomegranate
Export of red pomegranate

Pomegranate one of the many fruits produced in Iran, but Iran is the best pomegranate producer in the world and provides a great deal of the world’s demand. The export of red pomegranate to other countries and specially Iraq is of a great importance for the country to prove its popularity in the world market.

Iran is the greatest and one of the best red pomegranate producers in the world which has a great share in supplying the demand of the countries to pomegranate. Saveh is a city in Iran with great pomegranate gardens that produce the best pomegranate in the world. This great fruit exported to many countries around the world and specially the Asian countries. Export of red pomegranate


Iran is an important country producer of pomegranate

There are many countries that produce pomegranate but Iran is one of the most important countries in producing it. The best weather conditions in the area and the availability of great experts in the field cause the production of the best fruit.
Iran has gained a fame in the production and export of red pomegranate in the international fruit market. This fame makes the experts work better than before to control the market. The exporting experts also have a great share in this regard. Because non-oil export is very important for Iran.

Export of red pomegranate

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Pomegranate production in different cities of Iran

The production of the fruit carried out in many different cities of Iran and these cities mostly supply the demand of the domestic and foreign markets. The fruit that these cities are producing also have a good quality and are also popular.
Export of red pomegranate is very beneficial for the country and cause the economic development of the country. Therefore, many cities are producing this fruit for this reason. In nearly all cities of Iran you can find pomegranate gardens. However, the best pomegranate produced in Saveh which is in central part of Iran.

Export of red pomegranate

Red pomegranate harvest season

As many other fruits which harvested in fall, the red pomegranate is also ready for harvest in fall. The farmers harvest and sell it to the exporting companies which usually sort and export red pomegranate to other countries. The fruit should be ready for harvest before the cold season.

The farmers usually harvest the fruit at the beginning of fall because the process of making the fruit ready for export may take a few weeks. Therefore, on time harvesting of the fruit will give enough time for the company to pack it for export. Thus, the harvesting season of the fruit is also vital.

Export of red pomegranate

Iranian pomegranate buyers in Iraq

Iraq is a neighboring country which imports Iranian pomegranate and has a good share in Iran’s red pomegranate export. As the country is not that far to Iran, the demand of the country provided very fast. The product not only exported as fresh fruit but also pomegranate juice or concentrate.

Iraq is one of the very important markets for the Iranian pomegranate and Iran tries to keep customer satisfaction. The fruit packed in boxes of different weights and exported to the other countries. Hence, the quality of packing as well as the quality of the fruit is Important for the importer.

Export of red pomegranate

Export of red pomegranate

The export of red pomegranate conducted to various countries, such as the UAE, South Korea, Iraq, Oman, Turkmenistan, Qatar, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Austria, India, France and Pakistan. Iran is one of the greatest producers and exporters of pomegranate. Many countries demand the Iranian pomegranate for its great quality.
Pomegranate production in Iran dates back to many years ago and this fruit is native to Iran. That is why the export of fruit to many countries is not something surprising. The great production of this fruit has made it so popular around the world. Therefore, the country needs to improve the area under cultivation to meet the importers’ needs.

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