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Export of Urmia grapes from Iran

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Varieties of Urmia grapesSeedless grape of UrmiaBlack grape of UrmiaExport Grapes From IranWholesale price of grapes
Urmia grapes

The city of Urmia in north west Iran is one of the biggest producers of different types of grapes in Iran and its grapes considered by many to be the best. Every year there are a lot of export of Urmia grapes from Iran to many neighboring and Middle Eastern countries.

Grapes among the oldest fruits farmed in different cities in Iran and their cultivation goes back to thousands of years ago. Iranian grapes also come in different colors, tastes, and forms from big to small, sweet to sour, and green to purple.

Urmia grapes are all in high quality and are known over the local and international markets all over the world.

Urmia grapes

Varieties of Urmia grapes

The city of Urmia has over 45 official varieties of seeded and seedless grapes, cultivated. There more than 250000 tons of fresh grapes produced in the city of Urmia every year.  Most of the grapes produced in the city is distributed and consumed within the country. There is also some export of Urmia grapes to Middle Eastern and neighboring countries like Iraq and Russia.

Urmian grapes come in all shapes and colors and can be used for both fresh consumption and making side products like vinegar and raisins. The climate of the city is suitable for making sweet table grapes that are a favorite for fresh consumption all over the world.

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Seedless grape of Urmia

There different types of White and Red seedless grapes produced in the vineyards of Urmia. These Urmian grapes are perfect for fresh consumption and used as table grapes. They also used to make high quality raisins for local and international markets.

According to officials, around 30 percent of the seedless grapes turned to raisins for export purposes. These grapes mostly distributed in the local markets and some sent abroad to the neighboring countries’ markets. The seedless Urmia grapes are one of the highest quality fruits produces in the city of Urmia and Iran.

Urmia grapes

Black grape of Urmia

There Seeded and Seedless black grapes grown in the vineyards of Urmia every year. There are more than 30000 tons of fresh black grapes produced in the city annually. These grapes are especially more popular on the international markets.

The biggest importers of Urmian black seeded and seedless grapes are the countries of Russia and Iraq. Most of these Urmia grapes also distributed and consumed in the local markets within the country itself. Black grapes are full of nutrients such as antioxidants and are a great addition to the diet of people with heart or diabetes diseases.

Urmia grapes

Export Grapes From Iran

There are more than 70 countries that import Iranian and Urmia grapes on a yearly basis. The biggest customers of Iranian grapes are the countries of Russia, Iraq, and Syria. Iran ranked as the 11th biggest exporter of grapes in the world. There also many different varieties of Iranian grapes known as a brand and consumed internationally.

Iranian grapes known as a brand on the international markets. And a lot of big fruit companies try to add them to their products. They also mostly grown organic and do not receive any chemical pesticides and preservatives during harvest.

Urmia grapes

Wholesale price of grapes

Grapes and their side products are one of the most popular items on the international markets. They also grown in both the northern and the Southern hemispheres and hence are available all year long. Although, grapes from some seasons have higher quality and are more expensive. They also come in different shapes and colors, and each of them has got its own characteristics and price.

There also seeded and seedless grapes. And the seedless types usually used as table grapes for fresh consumption and have a higher price. For example, Urmia grapes available in both seeded and seedless forms on the markets. The shipment costs are also an indicating factor on the final retail prices of the grapes.

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