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Export pomegranate from Iran

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Pomegranate farms in IranPomegranate season in IranPackaged Pomegranate ExportExport pomegranate from IranThe price of pomegranate
Export pomegranate from Iran

Pomegranates considered by many as the king of the fruits, because of their high amounts of antioxidants and other nutrients, and the benefits for the heart. Iranian pomegranates are also very famous worldwide and there are a lot of export pomegranate from Iran to many countries of the world.

Pomegranates originally came from Iran and Northern India, and still play an important part in these countries’ culture and cuisines.

Iranian pomegranates are known as a brand on the international markets and are very popular. As a result of this popularity, a lot of big and small international fruit companies try to export pomegranate from Iran  every year.

Export pomegranate from Iran

Pomegranate farms in Iran

Iran is the biggest producer of pomegranates in the world with the annual production of more than 800000 tons, every year. . They are a big part of the country’s agricultural products and play an important role in its economy. There different types of sweet and sour pomegranates produced in different regions of Iran.

Sour pomegranates are mostly grown in the northern states and as the lack of the sunshine, they’ll get their sour taste. Most of the country’s sweet pomegranates are also made in the central. And southern states of Iran and the biggest producers are Markazi, Fars, Central Khorasan, and Yazd. Many countries export pomegranate from Iran  every year.

Export pomegranate from Iran

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Pomegranate season in Iran

Since pomegranates are grown in both the Northern and the Southern Hemisphere, they are available all year long. There are also more than 700 different types of pomegranates with different harvesting times.The climate of the farming region can also affect the harvesting time. But generally, most of the pomegranates harvested in autumn.

A lot of companies’ export pomegranate from Iran in this season. There are also a lot of side products like juices, extracts and pastes made from these amazing fruit, which have much longer shelf lives and can used later in the year.

Export pomegranate from Iran

Packaged Pomegranate Export

All the fruit companies, need to invest a lot on the packaging, before exporting pomegranates from Iran.  Pomegranates have a very delicate sin and need proper packaging before transportation.They must protected from physical cuts and harms all along the way.

They must also kept away from fresh air, because the lack of contact can make the pomegranates stay fresh for longer. These special boxes come in different shapes and sizes, and produced with materials like plastic and cardboard. The packages also must be able to protect the fruits from the heat during transportation.

Export pomegranate from Iran

Export pomegranate from Iran

As the biggest producer of pomegranates in the world, Iran is among the top exporters of the fruit as well. Every year, there tens of thousands of Iranian fresh pomegranates sent to many different countries. The amazing quality and the taste of the Iranian pomegranates, made them one of the most popular fruits on the international markets.

Companies, mostly export pomegranate from Iran to Middle Eastern and neighboring countries. Iraq and Russia are the biggest customers of Iranian pomegranates. The short distance between the countries, have also made the trades much easier.

Export pomegranate from Iran

The price of pomegranate

Iran is the biggest name in the international pomegranate trade and controls a big part of the market. Companies, export pomegranate from Iran to many different destinations with different prices. The most important indicator of the pomegranate’s price, is the transportation costs that vary from country to country.

The shape and sizes of the pomegranates are also important factors. Bigger pomegranates with more vibrant red colors considered as top shelf fruit and are more expensive. Organic pomegranates are generally more expensive than the ones which received chemical pesticides.  Iranian pomegranates very well known as a brand and are in high demands in foreign markets.

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