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Export Rish Baba grape From Iran

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Rish Baba grape production in IranPackaging grapes for exportThe price of Rish Baba grapes in IranThe price per ton of grapes for exportExport Grapes From Iran
Rish Baba grape

Rish Baba is one of the most famous Iranian grape cultivars that is perfect for fresh consumption and making raisins. A lot of big fruit companies export Rish Baba grape from Iran on a commercial scale and these Iranian species are extremely popular on the international grape markets.

Rish Baba grape are a little longer than the common grapes and do not have the round shape. They also come in red and yellow/green colors and have a clear skin, juicy flesh and a sweet taste. Which makes them perfect as table grapes and consumption purposes.

They are grown in areas with mild winters and should be protected from frosts and extreme cold air.

Rish Baba grape

Rish Baba grape production in Iran

This varieties of grapes are mostly grown in central and southern states of Iran. The state of Fars and the city of Miandoab are most famous for their Rish Baba grape production. They require climates which have non-snowing moderate winters.

Rish Babas are usually harvested at the end of spring and in some parts, till mid-summer months. They also have one of the longest shelf lives among Iranian grape varieties. which makes them perfect for export and long distance shipments.

They are also used by most people as table grapes and for fresh consumption and making raisins, because of their sweet taste, thin skins, and vibrant colors.

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Packaging grapes for export

The packaging of the grapes is an important part of their exporting process. These fruits are extremely delicate and their packaging requires special care. . Even the species like Rish Baba grape that have long shelf lives, are also sensitive to physical harms.

The most important thing in the packaging of the grapes is to protect them from heat. Also, packages must be able to keep the grapes out of the reach of open air, in order to keep the fresh for longer.  These grape packages are made from plastic and cardboard and come in different shapes and sizes with different capacities.

Rish Baba grape

The price of Rish Baba grapes in Iran

These varieties are among the top shelf grapes of the Iranian farms. They have a unique taste and a sweet firm flesh that makes them extremely popular in local markets.  They are also harvested earlier than most grapes, and do not have a lot of competitors.

Rish Baba grape are also only grown in the central and southern states of Iran. Which makes their prices a little higher in the northern states. Their long shelf life also helps the shipment process and it is easy to ship them everywhere fresh. Even though they have a long sell by date, they must be protected from extreme heat during transportation.

Rish Baba grape

The price per ton of grapes for export

The wholesale price of Rish Baba grape is affected by a lot of elements. The harvesting season of the grapes is a big indicating factor in the final price. The grapes from some seasons are better at quality and are in higher demands.  Also the shipping method and the distance between the two countries, accounts for a big part of the export expenses.

The international market is also extremely competitive these days. Because there are a lot of countries who try to sell the best products with the lowest prices. The advancements in the technology and shipping process have also made in cheaper to export grapes.

Rish Baba grape

Export Grapes From Iran

These grapes are usually collected from the farmers by the local companies. These local companies either export the grapes themselves or try to sell them to big international fruit trade companies. Most of the Iranian grapes are exported to Middle Eastern countries like Iraq and the UAE. The short distance between these countries and the many borders among them, have also made the trades easier.

Rish Baba grape

There are also a lot of grape exports to Russia every year.  A lot of Iranian grape varieties are exported every year to the international markets. And also some like Askari and Rish Baba grapes are very popular. Iranian grapes are known as an international brand and have a special place on the international fruit markets.

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