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Export sweet pomegranate from Iran

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Important cities of pomegranate production in IranBest Iranian sweet pomegranateBuy pomegranate from IranThe price per ton of Iranian sweet pomegranatePomegranate exports by Vitarad Company
sweet pomegranate

Pomegranates are one of the oldest and most valuable agricultural products of Iran, which loved by all Iranians. Sweet pomegranate of this country are some of the best for fresh consumption and many companies export Sweet pomegranate from Iran to many different regions of the world.

Sweet pomegranate is like the crown jewel of the Iranian agriculture and are one of the most expensive and valuable Iranian fruits. Almost there nearly one million tons of pomegranates produced in Iran. That a big number compared to the 3 million global harvest. Also the officials have a lot of plans to increase the production and export of the pomegranates.

sweet pomegranate

Important cities of pomegranate production in Iran

Pomegranates are such an important and inseparable part of the Iranian culture, history, cuisine, and finally people. These fruits truly loved by the Iranians and almost one third of the global production of pomegranates is done by Iran.
There are many different cities in Iran like Saveh, which are famous for their amazing and unique pomegranates on local and global scales. There are a lot of different sour and Sweet pomegranate produced in Iran. Sweet Iranian pomegranates are much larger and have a more vibrant red colors. Sour pomegranates on the other hand are smaller in size and might not have such a bright red color as the sweet types.

sweet pomegranate

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Best Iranian sweet pomegranate

A large part of the Sweet pomegranate of the world produced in the Iranian farms. These sweet Iranian pomegranates are perfect for fresh consumption. There are a lot of different countries from all over the world which buy these pomegranates every year.
Most of the sweet Iranian pomegranates exported to the Middle Eastern and West Asian countries of the region. There are also some exports to European and North American countries. There is the export of sour pomegranates as well, which mostly used for non-consumption purposes and making side products.

sweet pomegranate

Buy pomegranate from Iran

There are a lot of foreign countries which buy pomegranates from Iran and the amounts of exports have always been on the rise. The Sweet pomegranate of Iran are the most popular and have a lot of customers. They purchase these amazing fruits for eating raw, or to make pomegranate juices. As said before, the sour pomegranates are not very popular for fresh consumption.
Even in Iran they are mostly made into side products like juices, pastes and extracts. These side products on the other hand are very important in Iran and used in the making of many Iranian cuisines.

sweet pomegranate

The price per ton of Iranian sweet pomegranate

There are a lot of different production and transportation factors that could affect the wholesale price of the Iranian pomegranates. But there is one thing for sure, and that is the Sweet pomegranate are more expensive than the sour types.
This is because of the fact that not only they taste sweeter, they also look much better and have a perfect skin. Also the harvesting season of the Iranian pomegranate starts from autumn. The amount of the production in every specific year will affect the final market prices. The higher the production is, the lower the final retail price will be.

sweet pomegranate

Pomegranate exports by Vitarad Company

There are many different local and foreign fruit companies which are active in the trades of Iranian pomegranates.  Vitarad is one of the largest and most famous Iranian companies trading sour and Sweet pomegranate. This company collects the finest Iranian pomegranates from farms and local markets.
They send the products for packaging and storage. Finally export them to many different foreign markets from all over the world. As result, the pomegranates exported by this company are of the highest quality and very well known. Most of the Iranian Sweet pomegranate used for fresh consumption in these markets. Also they turned into some different side products like the pomegranate juice.

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