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Export yellow apple fruit from Iran

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The benefits of yellow applesThe taste of the yellow apple fruitApples production in IranExports of apple from IranPersian yellow apple price
Yellow apple fruit

Many of the international fruit suppliers and companies, Export yellow apple fruit from Iran to the neighboring countries and other parts of the world. The reason for this popularity, lays within the high quality and the amazing taste of the Iranian apples, and the organic methods of their farming.

Apples are one of the most popular fruits and they are exceptionally healthy fruit with many research-backed benefits.  Yellow apple fruits are not as common as red and green varieties; however, they have the same nutritional value and calories. Yellow apple contains carbohydrates in the form of natural sugars and fiber and these fibers could be really good for the body.

Yellow apple fruit

The benefits of yellow apples

Yellow apple fruits are every bit as popular and healthy as their red type.  A study on the benefits of apples shows that drinking apple juice could keep Alzheimer’s away and fight the effects of aging on the brain, and these benefits are not just found in any fruit.  Apples are high in fiber and water, two qualities that make them filling, and are essential for a healthy living.

Yellow apple fruit
They also contain polyphenols, which have antioxidant effects. Apples have been linked to a lower risk of heart disease and with their antioxidant levels, can help regulate blood pressure and prevent diseases. They are also a great snack for overweigh people and those who are on a diet.

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The taste of the yellow apple fruit

As like many other fruits, Apples come in a wide varieties of cultivars, which all have different tastes and qualities. Most of them have a very sweet taste with a firm flesh. Golden Delicious which is the top yellow apple fruit cultivar, is also among the top 5 apple cultivars in the world.
These cultivars have a very thin skin and a super sweet flesh which makes them perfect for fresh consumption. There are also prone to bruising and shriveling, so it needs careful handling and storage. Most of the yellow apples in Iran and the northern hemisphere are harvested from autumn through winter.

Yellow apple fruit

Apples production in Iran

An estimated amount of some 3.7 million tons of apples produced from over 250,000 hectares across Iran in every harvesting year. The amount of apple production has increased 9% over the past few years.  West Azerbaijan is a major apple production site in Iran with 112,500 hectares of fruit farms.
Yellow apple fruits account for a third of the Iranian production and are very popular in the world. Around 700000 tons of these products exported to many of the international markets in the world. Around 200000 tons of these are also the yellow Golden Delicious apple variety.

Yellow apple fruit

Exports of apple from Iran

Apple exports from Iran has increased and bloomed recently with the rise in production in different regions of the country. Iran is one of the main suppliers of the Middle Eastern and West Asian markets. The Iranian yellow apple fruit in particular is very popular among the customers and importers.
Iranian apples grown with organic methods in many of the regions with different climates. There are also some local yellow apple varieties which only distributed and enjoyed locally. Yellow apples of the Golden Delicious cultivar account for a third of the Iranian production.

Yellow apple fruit

Persian yellow apple price

Persian yellow apple fruits are mostly of the Golden Delicious cultivar, which very well known worldwide and has a set price. But there are still a lot of natural and man-made factors that can affect these prices. The main reason could be a decrease in production due to a frost or any other natural cause. These lower productions will increase the price of apples in that particular year.
Also, the different types of apples have different qualities, and therefore different prices. The good thing about the apple market that because of the globally known health benefits, and the popularity among the culture and propel, are always in very high demands. This fact will make their sale, very much easier as well.

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