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Export yellow kiwi fruit from Iran

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Iran is one of the largest kiwi producers in the Middle EastThe benefits of eating yellow kiwiWhich countries buy kiwi from Iran?The amount of kiwi exports from IranPrice per ton of Persian yellow kiwi fruit
yellow kiwi fruit

Yellow or golden kiwi fruits are kiwi cultivars which originated in New Zealand and just recently became popular in the world because of their appearance and taste. Iran is also among the few countries producing it, and a lot of fruit companies export yellow kiwi fruit from Iran to many different markets.

Yellow kiwis are a new and popular form of this exotic fruit that produced in very few countries like Iran. They are very healthy and contain very small amounts of sugar that does not rapidly raise blood glucose levels. They also filled with vitamin B which is important in our diets to encourage cell and tissue growth and many doctors recommend them.

yellow kiwi fruit

Iran is one of the largest kiwi producers in the Middle East

You must know iran is for sure one of the biggest names in the kiwi industry. This fame is not only in Middle East and is known in the world as well. Also iran is the largest kiwi producer in the Middle East. And the 4th largest in the World after China, Italy, and New Zealand. Almost Iran produces around 300000 tons of fresh kiwis in the northern states of the country annually.
The country supplies most of the kiwi markets in the Middle East and is the biggest exporter in the region as well. Iranian kiwis are very popular, because the climate in northern Iran is perfect for producing high quality kiwis. Iran also produces the new yellow kiwi fruits which are becoming a trend.

yellow kiwi fruit

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The benefits of eating yellow kiwi

Yellow kiwi fruits are just as healthy as the green types and an amazing snack for everybody. They have more vitamin C that fruits like oranges and are a great boost foe the immune system.  The fiber and actinide, a natural enzyme in kiwifruit, help break down proteins and aid digestion. Their potassium levels are equal to bananas and can promote the heart health & muscle recovery. They have also got anti-oxidants that help our bodies fight against harmful pathogens and have anti-aging properties. Each kiwi, contains fewer than 100 calories, which makes them a great healthy snack.

yellow kiwi fruit

Which countries buy kiwi from Iran?

The high quality kiwis of Iran exported to 23 different countries. Iranian kiwi fruits are sent to countries from Asia, Europe, and the North America. Of course the biggest customers of these Iranian products are Middle Eastern and West Asian countries like the United Arab Emirates, and India with more than 20% each.
The European customers of these kiwis include countries like Turkey, Netherlands, and Russia. Canada also imports some of these high quality Iranian kiwis. Golden or yellow kiwi fruits are also a special export of this country because they are rare and valuable.

yellow kiwi fruit

The amount of kiwi exports from Iran

Iran produces nearly 7% of the global kiwis and has a big share of its export markets as well. Also Iran is among the very few countries which export golden or yellow kiwi fruits. Annual Iranian kiwi exports have gone as high as 183 metric tons in a year.
The amount has also increased steadily over the past few years and there are also some plans to expand productions and exports. Iranian kiwis are very popular in the foreign markets and many companies constantly interested in them. They are very important as one of the most valuable agricultural products of the country.

yellow kiwi fruit

Price per ton of Persian yellow kiwi fruit

Yellow kiwi fruits have recently became widely cultivated and popular all over the world. Iran also new in producing this fruit and only recently started production on large scales. There are many few countries that produce this fruit on large enough scales that are enough for exports. So as a result, they are considered a luxurious item and are usually more expensive than the traditional green kiwis like the Hayward.
Like their green relatives, these kiwis also harvested in the autumn. New Zealand is the biggest producer of these kiwis, and since it located in the southern hemisphere, has a different harvesting time. This is a benefit for Iran as it makes the fruit markets less competitive.

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