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Fresh grape exports from Iran

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Why should we eat fresh grapes?Benefits of fresh grapesProduction of varieties of grapes in IranFresh grape exports StatisticsThe price of fresh grapes of Iran
Fresh grape exports

The cultivation of grapes by humans goes back to thousands of years ago, and grapes are still one of the most popular fruits in the world, with millions of tons of production every year. Iran is also one of the largest producers of the fruit and may companies have fresh grape exports from Iran every year.

Fresh grape exports are a large part of the Iranian agricultural income, since grapes are one of the most popular and valuable Iranian products. They exported to many different countries of the world, but mostly sent to the neighboring and Middle Eastern markets. They are perfect for fresh consumption and have the best quality in the region.

Fresh grape exports

Why should we eat fresh grapes?

There are many different benefits in consuming fresh grapes, and as a result of these benefits, fresh grape export industry is blooming worldwide. They’re a good source of vitamin C, an essential nutrient and powerful antioxidant necessary for connective tissue health.

Grapes are high in a number of powerful antioxidant compound and can help boost the immune system. Red grapes contain higher numbers of antioxidants due to the anthocyanin’s that give them their color. Grapes also contain beta-carotene, quercetin, lutein, lycopene and ellagic acid, which are powerful antioxidants as well. Overall, they are one of the healthiest fruits on the earth.

Fresh grape exports

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Benefits of fresh grapes

As fresh grape exports are increasing worldwide, people becoming more and more informed about their benefits. Grapes contain high levels of beneficial plant compounds, which help protect against cancer. One cup (151 grams) of grapes contains 288 mg of potassium.

This mineral is necessary for maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. Low intake of potassium has linked to increased risks of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Compounds found in grapes may also help protect against high cholesterol levels and overall be a great food for a healthy heart.

Fresh grape exports

Production of varieties of grapes in Iran

There more than 100 official local grape cultivars produced in Iran. Most of these grapes grown in modern vineyards and used for fresh consumption both within and outside the country. Some of the most common Iranian grapes cultivar which used for fresh consumption are Asgari and Pikami varieties.

They produced in high quantities in Iran and account for a large part of Iranian fresh grape exports. They are extremely popular on the international markets. Many international fruit companies also try to present them as a part of their products every year.

Fresh grape exports

Fresh grape exports Statistics

According to FAO, Iran is the 8th largest producer of grapes in the world by producing more than 3% of the global grapes. Iran also holds a big share in the global fresh grape exports. For example, Iran is the number one supplier of fresh grape markets in the Middle East and West Asia. There are also exports to other continents of the world, nut in much lower quantities.

Russia imports more than 70% of the Iranian grapes which are set for exports becoming Iran’s number one customer. Also Pakistan and The United Arab Emirates are large Middle Eastern customers of the grapes.

Fresh grape exports

The price of fresh grapes of Iran

The Iranian fresh grapes considered among the best and most popular grapes on the international markets of the world. Iranian fresh grape exports sent to many different regions of the world with different conditions. These different conditions will cause their prices to be different in each case. First of all, there  many different grape cultivars produced in Iran, and each of them has its own characteristics and price.

Another important factor in setting of the prices would be their harvesting season. The fresher grapes which are available at the markets, the lower their prices will be. Also most of the Iranian grapes exported to neighboring countries and transported cheap.

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