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fruits exporters in Kenya| Best Mango for sale in Kenya

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fruits exporters in Kenya

Successful exports and its routes

Successful exports have basic requirements, the most important of which is the competitive production and recognition of export target markets.

The basis for moving to successful exports is to pay attention to the production of the country in different sectors and to compete with it in global markets. In this regard, two issues should be addressed: improving the business environment and creating a competitive and transparent atmosphere in the economy.

fruits exporters in Kenya| Best Mango for sale in Kenya

directory of fruit exporters in Kenya

directory of fruit exporters in Kenya

tropical fruits

Agricultural Exports Standards

Basically, international trade in food and agriculture is one of the most sensitive issues in trade relations between countries.

The sensitivity of this issue is twofold in relation to the issue of food safety and has led to the emergence of standards for the export of agricultural products worldwide.

Food insecurity can be caused by items such as livestock and pesticide residues, food additives, pathogenic microbes and viruses, chemical contaminants and heavy metals.

Concerns about food safety (for example, genetically modified foods) will lead to a loss of consumer confidence and a long-term adverse effect on exporting countries. Because re-establishing consumer confidence requires a lot of time.

where to buy fruits direct from farm in Kenya?

where to buy fruits direct from farm in Kenya?delicious fruits

Various forms of export standards for agricultural products
Export standards for agricultural products can take many forms.
For example, a government agency can handle the quality control process through pre-export product inspection and issue a standard certificate. This certificate is for importers of guidance that a food product at least at a given committee level has safety and quality assurance.

A well-known method for these routines is the analysis of risk and control of critical points. Hazard Analysis and Critical Point Control are a set of principles that are used to identify the hazards and points that are most useful in the production process for controlling and mitigating hazards.

Use of third party entities
One of the factors that can greatly facilitate exporters and importers is the presence of a third party in trade between them.
An agent who, without prejudice to any of the parties, is solely referring to standards for the export of agricultural products and pre-established rules and regulations, and provides for the transfer of goods from the seller to the buyer.

This third factor, also known as the third eye, should have definite definitions in relation to the quantity and quality of traded goods; the standard is the standard of international understanding, and the standard lexical standard, sample, rule, principle, scale adopted And anything that is accepted as the basis for comparison.

Therefore, the matching of goods, services, and work practices with the standard means that in those cases, rules, principles and special provisions are observed. Standardization refers to the rule of law and to the conformity with scientific and technical principles in various matters such as production, trade, communication and the like.
Obviously, if both the buyer and the seller declare their adherence to a particular standard, they can easily trade in the shelter of this common language.

main fruit wholesalers in Kenya

main fruit wholesalers in Kenya

healthy fruits

The need to produce organic products

Unfortunately, the high rates of pesticide use and fertilizers in agriculture, and the increasing of diseases caused by the residual pesticides and fertilizers, necessitate the need to pay attention to the modification of the methods and methods of producing various agricultural and livestock products.

Undoubtedly, in order to achieve a comprehensive scientific and targeted program for the production of organic products, it is necessary to develop strategic plans by the research and academic centers to establish health-oriented production goals with a scientific roadmap.

What is certain today with the introduction of modern technologies in agriculture and the use of nano science and biotechnology and the replacement of herbal and organic pesticides can be effectively reduced the remaining pesticides and fertilizers, so as to standardize production and increase the safety factor Citizens also eliminated barriers to product exports.

tropical fruits price list in Kenya

tropical fruits price list in Kenya

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What is organic farming?

What is organic farming? In line with sustainable agriculture development, it is called a series of operations aimed at reducing the consumption of abnormal inputs, including the use of fertilizers and chemical pesticides, synthesized preservatives, chemical drugs, produced organisms Genetic engineering and wastewater are excluded.

Natural gain

These products are produced and grown in wild, natural and intact areas. Man does not interfere in its production process and merely assembles it.

Organic product

An organic product based on the ecosystem management, the production of water, soil, plant and human health without the use of artificial chemicals is produced. The whole process of production, processing, packaging, maintenance, transportation, working conditions, social conditions, supply and labeling of these products is controlled and monitored by a certified organic standard system.

healthy product

The basis for producing this category of products is the non-use of chemical inputs and, if used, the limit is observed and production is carried out in accordance with relevant standards, (incentive standards) and management plans based on certain criteria.

These products have the residual limit of pesticides, pesticides, fertilizers and heavy metals.

Certified product

The product is tested and case tested (eg nitrate and nitrite, lead, antibiotics, etc.) and only receives a certificate in relation to that particular item.

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