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Golden Kiwi exports to Arab countries

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Kiwi is a delicious fruit in Arab countriesBest golden kiwi produced by IranLuxury kiwi package for exportBuy kiwi by Arab customersGolden Kiwi exports from Iran
Golden Kiwi exports

Golden kiwis are among the rarest and most exotic fruits of the world, and there are many few countries that produce and harvest them on large commercial scales. There are lots of golden kiwi exports to Arab countries in the Middle East, and there are also plans to expand this amazing kiwi market.

Golden kiwis are a new and exciting kiwi cultivars, which are quickly becoming a trend, and their popularity is passing the traditional green ones. Iran is the 4th largest producer of kiwi fruits in the world, and has lots of green and golden kiwi exports to many countries of the world. Iranian kiwis are also very high quality and quite popular everywhere.

Golden Kiwi exports

Kiwi is a delicious fruit in Arab countries

Kiwis are among the exotic fruits that require cool and humid climates to grow. Most of the Arab countries do not have these climates, and thus are without kiwi production and need to supply their kiwi markets from the large producers of the world. Kiwis have become an international trend over the past few years and Arab countries are no exception.

The kiwi markets in these countries is expanding every year, and the fruit is becoming more and more popular among Arabs. Iran has both green and golden kiwi exports and is the best option for the Arab countries in the Middle East for many different reasons, including the short distance.

Golden Kiwi exports

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Best golden kiwi produced by Iran

Iran only started growing kiwis over thirty year ago as a product to replace orange farming in the north, and now is among the top producers if fruits in the world. Golden kiwis have also entered Iranian farms recently and quickly became popular. They were first mass produced in New Zealand.

This country was the sole golden kiwi exporter in the word for some times. But Iranian farmers quickly imported the fruit and are now among the very few countries producing in on commercial scales. Many different fruit companies are offering Iranian golden kiwis for foreign sales.

Golden Kiwi exports

Luxury kiwi package for export

Kiwis are generally considered to be an exotic and luxurious fruit in the world and their annual global production is below 5 million tons. As a result, they are targeted by the top fruit markets of the world. Especially with rare cultivars like the golden kiwis, which makes their exports very valuable.

But the most important thing for entering these markets is the proper luxury packaging. These markets require nice packages which will add to the costs, but will be worth it since the products will be sold at a higher price. Golden kiwi exports are very valuable and popular in these markets.

Golden Kiwi exports

Buy kiwi by Arab customers

These days with the rise of technology and ease of transportations, you can buy kiwis almost anywhere. Arab countries are no exception and there are tons of kiwi imports to them. Most of the Arab kiwi customers prefer to supply their markets with the high quality Iranian products.

Iran is the largest and closest major producer of kiwis to them and also offers the rare golden kiwi exports. Besides these, Iranian kiwis are extremely high quality, and very popular for fresh consumption on the markets. Arabian customers, purchase thousands of tons of fresh kiwi fruits from Iran every year.

Golden Kiwi exports

Golden Kiwi exports from Iran

As it was mentioned earlier, Iran is one of the few countries that has golden kiwi exports. Also, Iran is the largest exporter of these fruits in the Middle East and West Asia. This will allow Iran to dominate a large part of the Middle Eastern countries’ fruit markets. Most of the Arab countries like the United Arab Emirates and Iraq are large customers of Iranian kiwis.

There are also a lot of exports to the north and the Russian fruit markets, which are also a big customer of Iranian agricultural products. There are some minor exports to other Asian countries and some European importers as well. Overall, Iranian kiwis exported to 22 countries in an average year, and enjoyed in every one of them.

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