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Green and yellow apple for export

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Production of various types of apples in IranPrices per ton of yellow applesExports of green apples from IranThe prices of green and yellow appleBuy Iranian apple
Green and yellow apple

Green and Yellow types of apples are just as popular and as healthy as the red apples and produced and traded all over the world on very large scales. A big part of the Iranian apple products also dedicated to them and many big and small Iranian fruit companies offer Green and yellow apple for exports.

There are thousands of very popular green and yellow apple cultivars in the world. Apples are among the fruits that recognized everywhere in the world, and are also very versatile, so they could be grown in most countries as well. Anyways, many countries don’t have enough production to supply their own markets and have to import from countries like Iran.

Green and yellow apple

Production of various types of apples in Iran

Apples are among the top agricultural products of Iran and the economy of many Iranian cities depends on these apples. Due to the diversity of climates in Iran, there more than 100 types of apples produced in different regions of the country with different climates. These apples come in different shapes and colors and most of them are from the internationally famous cultivars.
Most of these products are red, but a large part are also other colors like Green and yellow apple. One of the most famous yellow apple cultivars in the world is the Golden Delicious. This cultivar also produced in Iran and accounts for 1 million ton of the total 3.7 million tons of apples.

Green and yellow apple

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Prices per ton of yellow apples

A vast majority of the Iranian yellow apples are of the Golden Delicious cultivar. It one of the most internationally recognized apples, and usually has a set reference price. Also the prices of these apples could change according to the harvesting season.
Green and yellow apple usually harvested in the fall when the markets are really competitive and is the same time as the biggest producers of the world. A lot of countries are trying to offer the best apples with the lowest prices. Iranian yellow apples are mostly sent to Middle Eastern and West Asian markets, with some minor exports to other parts.

Green and yellow apple

Exports of green apples from Iran

Granny Smith apples are one of the most popular apple cultivars in the world. They have a bright green skin and a flesh that is both sweet and sour. Green Granny Smith apples also produced in the Iranian farms on very large scales and exported to foreign markets as well. yellow and Green apple are a large and a popular part of the Iranian apple exports.
Generally, green apples are used for fresh consumption, but they are also very popular for cooking pies and desserts. The organic green apples of Iran exported all over the world for a wide variety of purposes like cooking.

Green and yellow apple

The prices of green and yellow apple

The Green and yellow apple of Iran have very different prices according to many factors. First of all, there are first grade fruits which exported specifically for fresh consumption. These apples are bigger in size, and have a much higher skin and flesh quality. They are true top shelf apples which are much more expensive as well.
There also the second grade apples which imported by many countries to make side products like apple juices and extracts. They are not necessarily lower in quality, but might just have physical deformation, small sizes, torn skin or other imperfections.

Green and yellow apple

Buy Iranian apple

Buying Iranian apples is really easy these days. First of all, Iran is one of the biggest apple producers of the world with 3.7 million tons of production every year. A large part of these apples are set aside for exports and many famous international companies are trading them. You can even buy Iranian apples from the traders online, and have them shipped to anywhere in the world.
These products also very versatile and Iran offers red, Green and yellow apple. The green apples are mostly from the high quality Granny Smith cultivar. Iranian apples exported on large scale to more than 20 countries every year, most of which located in the Middle East and the neighboring regions in Asia.


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