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Green banana exports from India to Iran

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Green banana benefits for healthBanana production in IndiaHindi banana exports to the worldGreen banana exports from IndiaIndian green Banana Prices in Iran
Green banana exports

Bananas among the fruits which can harvested while they are still green and unripe, and will ripened later in storage or along the way. This method will make the transportations much easier and cheaper, and green banana exports from India to Iran supplies large parts of the country’s markets.

Green banana exports are much easier, because raw bananas are harder, and can protect themselves against physical harms along the way. They will also be lighter and will have the benefit of arriving to the markets as fresh as possible. Green bananas also used by some people in their raw form, and have actual benefits for the body which are amazing.

Green banana exports

Green banana benefits for health

There are many tasty and delicious recipes of green bananas and unlike the common yellow bananas, you need to process these green types before you are able to consume them. Green bananas are full of fiber which is essential for the proper functioning of the digestive tracts and bowel movement. Green bananas are high in potassium as well, and a cup contains 531 mg of this nutrient.

Our body needs potassium for muscle movement, proper functioning of the nerves, and purification of blood by the kidneys. Green bananas are also a rich source of various vitamins like Vitamin B6. All these nutrients, have made green banana exports very popular.

Green banana exports

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Banana production in India

India is the largest producer of bananas in the world, and accounts for around 20% of the global bananas. According to FAO, there are 150 million tons of bananas produced in the world annually, of which 29 million tons are from India. India is a vast country full of regions with warm tropical climates.

These climates are perfect for banana production, and these fruits thrive in these conditions. As a result, India is now the biggest name in bananas in the world, and its green banana exports sent everywhere. Most of the countries in the world interested in these high quality bananas.

Green banana exports

Hindi banana exports to the world

Indian green banana exports sent to all of the world’s continents except Australia. Of course, the largest importers of the high quality Indian bananas are the Middle Eastern countries. The United Arab Emirates is the largest importer of these bananas with accounting for 33% of the total exports.

Next is Iran, by purchasing more than 18% of the total bananas on the global markets. Other big Middle Eastern importers include Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait with more than 12% each. There are also exports to Netherlands, England and Ireland in Europe, and USA, in North America as well.

Green banana exports

Green banana exports from India

As said in the previous parts, more than 25 percent of the total bananas in the world produced in India. This high amount of production, automatically makes India one of the largest exporters of the fruit as well. The amount of export from the country has also been on the rise over the past decade.

Bananas are also very popular among the Indian people and lifestyle. This popularity and the high population of the country, causes for most of these bananas to consumed within India. But nevertheless, There are still large amounts of green banana exports from India to many regions of the world.

Green banana exports

Indian green Banana Prices in Iran

As it was mentioned before, green banana exports sent to many regions in the world. But one of the largest markets for these high quality Indian products is the Middle East. Among the Middle Eastern countries, Iran is the largest importer of bananas, with nearly 800000 tons of imports every year. This large market, attracts many of the world’s banana suppliers.

Even with this high interest, Iranian banana importers prefer to supply their markets from the high quality producers in Asia. This is because often short distance and the lower transportation costs that most of the Iranian bananas imported from India and Philippines. As a result, Indian bananas are quite affordable and popular in Iran.

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