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Greenhouse cucumber selling price for export

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Annual production of cucumberCucumber Greenhouses in IranHarvest cucumber from the greenhouse for exportGreenhouse cucumber sales priceCucumber export from Iran
Greenhouse cucumber

Cucumbers are the largest greenhouse products of Iran and rank the country among the top 10 producers of these amazing healthy vegetables. The Iranian Greenhouse cucumber selling price for export is different n each case and can change every year according to many conditions.

Greenhouse cucumber are just as healthy and nutritious as regular open farm cucumbers and produced on very large scales. Cucumbers are amazing vegetables that contain lots of water and can be a great snack to hydrate the body and skin. They also very low in calories and a great way to stay filled for longer for people who are on weight diets.

Greenhouse cucumber

Annual production of cucumber

Cucumbers are one of the most popular greenhouse products of the world and produced all over the world on very large scales. There more than 80 million tons of cucumbers produced in the world every year, and 61 million tons of those produced in China.

Cucumbers are very important in this country, and with this very high amount of production, they dominate the international markets. Iran is the fifth biggest producer if cucumbers in the world with 1.7 million tons of production. These products are both open farm and Greenhouse cucumber. They are also grow by using organic methods which will attribute to their popularity.

Greenhouse cucumber

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Cucumber Greenhouses in Iran

Cucumber greenhouses are very popular and common in Iran. They are more common in the central and southern states of Iran as well. That s because open farms cucumbers require a lot of watering, and as a result they are more common in the northern states with various fresh water sources.

Greenhouses on the other hand require much less water and have a higher production rate which could be more profitable. However, they could be more costly in the start and require a lot of materials. These cucumbers also might not be as popular as the open farm products among some people.

Greenhouse cucumber

Harvest cucumber from the greenhouse for export

Since Greenhouse cucumber produced in a closed controlled environment, they are available all year long. It is one of the greatest benefits of greenhouses in the case of popular vegetables. Open farms cucumbers might be more popular, but their harvesting seasons limited and cannot offered all year long.

These greenhouse products account for a large part of the Iranian greenhouse exports every year. They are definitely as healthy as the open farm products and are in better shapes. Since they grown in a controlled environment, they have got high skin quality and appearance.

Greenhouse cucumber

Greenhouse cucumber sales price

The sale prices of Greenhouse cucumber not affected by natural causes as much as the other products. The annual production is the biggest indicator of a product’s price. And there are many natural causes like seasonal frosts and droughts that could affect the open farm production and yields.

But this not the case of cucumbers grown in greenhouses because of the closed environment. Thus method also might be more expensive in the beginning, but it will use less water and have a higher production rate. Overall, both methods have their benefits and used in Iran.

Greenhouse cucumber

Cucumber export from Iran

Cucumber exports from Iran consisted of both open farm and Greenhouse cucumber. Iran is the largest producer of cucumbers in the Middle East. This high amount of production and the good quality of the products, made Iran the main supplier of cucumbers in the region. Russia is one of the biggest customers of the Iranian cucumbers as well.
Russia is one of the biggest cucumber markets in the world, and its annual production surpasses Iran’s. Even though, the high quality of the Iranian cucumbers, made Russia the biggest customer of the products. The rest of the Iranian greenhouse and open farm cucumbers are sent to Middle Eastern countries like Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates annually.

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