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Indian banana exports from Iran

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Banana imports to Iran from IndiaDistribution of Indian bananas in IranIndian banana exports by IranBanana Import Export Company in IranGet your banana purchase from an Iranian supplier
Indian banana exports

India is the largest producer of bananas in the world with the annual production of around 30 million tons every year, and a large portion of these bananas are sent to Middle Eastern countries like Iran. Indian banana exports from Iran supply a large part of the top fruit markets in the country.

Bananas require warm tropical climates in order to grow and India is one of the best places on earth for these fruits. Banana plantations are found all over the country and the production is a large part of the country’s economy and agriculture. Also Indian banana exports account for a lot of jobs in the country and are very important for the people.

Indian banana exports

Banana imports to Iran from India

The whole Middle East region in general has one of the largest tropical fruit markets in the whole world and many of the top producing countries target these markets. Fruits like bananas are very popular in these regions and the high population also adds to the imports.

One of the largest banana importers in these regions is Iran, which nearly purchases 800000 tons of bananas every year. Most of these bananas supplied from large Asian producers like India and Pakistan. India banana exports are very popular in particular, and are easily found on the Iranian markets. More than 50% of the imported bananas are from the Cavendish cultivar.

Indian banana exports

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Distribution of Indian bananas in Iran

Indian bananas mostly sent to Iran through the sea in the couth of the country. Transporting the bananas with a ship is the most profitable and common method of shipment. Also, bananas among the fruits which harvested and shipped while they are still green and unripe.

They later ripened in storage, by being exposed to certain chemicals that speed the bananas’ growth. This will help the importers and distributes to supply the markets with fresh products. Indian banana exports very popular in Iran, and known within the country as a well-known and trusted brand.

Indian banana exports

Indian banana exports by Iran

As it was mentioned earlier, Iran is a huge banana importer in the world with annual imports that exceed 800000 tons. There are bananas from South American countries like Ecuador, but on a very small scale. This is because of the long distance and higher transportation costs which reduce the profits.

So, Iranian banana importers prefer local producers, and what better supplier than India. More than 25% of the global bananas produced there, and Indian banana exports are very big and shipped all over the world. These products are also very popular in Iran, and are always in high demands.

Indian banana exports

Banana Import Export Company in Iran

Middle Eastern countries like Iran have got one of the largest banana markets in the world. These big markets require a lot of active fruit trading companies. As a result of the popularity of bananas in Iran, most large Iranian companies have bananas among their offered products.

These companies import the finest bananas which are mostly from the Cavendish cultivar, from large producers. Most of them go for Indian banana exports, or bananas from countries like Philippines and Pakistan. They distribute these bananas to the fresh fruit markets and factories all over the country.

Indian banana exports

Get your banana purchase from an Iranian supplier

Iranian banana suppliers are the best choice for ordering bananas within the country. Most importantly, they have got efficient and working distribution systems within the country which can save lots of money. Second, they work with the best suppliers of the world and import high quality bananas from those countries.

Indian banana exports are among the best and highest quality examples of these trades. Bananas purchased from the Iranian suppliers are from the highest quality products and very high quality. They also as healthy as bananas come, and are full of useful nutrients like potassium. They are also a great all natural source of energy, and can be a great snack for athletes and senior citizens.

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