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Indian mango export market to Middle East

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The quality of mangoes in IndiaProduction of mango in IndiaMango packing in India for exportBuy from Indian mango export marketExport Mango to Middle East
Indian mango export market

India is the largest producer of mangoes in the world, with the annual amount of more than 18 million tons, which accounts for 40% of the total global mango production. Middle East is one of the largest importers of this fruit, and the Indian mango export market to Middle East is very valuable.

Mangoes are generally one of the most important fruits in India, and are a common part of the Indian lifestyle and day to day routine. They are the largest producers of mangoes in the world and are known for their love of mangoes. Also, these fruits have become more and more popular in the recent years, and Indian mango export market is now very valuable.

Indian mango export market

The quality of mangoes in India

There are fresh mango farms in most of the states in India, and mangoes are an inseparable part of the lives of the people of India. Mangoes are such an important part of the countries agriculture and economy, and a lot of jobs in India depend on mangoes. The warm tropical climate of the country is perfect for producing high quality delicious mangoes every year.

Indian mangoes come from many different cultivars, but they all have being very juicy and delicious, in common. The most common cultivar is also the Alphonso variety which is very popular all over the world. This cultivar also accounts for most of the Indian mango export market.

Indian mango export market

Production of mango in India

India ranks at number 1 slot in the production of Mango all over the world and Indian mango export markets dominate the world. Over 18 million tons of the total 44 million tons of global mangoes produced in this country. There are almost a million hectares of mango farms in the country as well.

Also, India has the most mango varieties in the world, which can satisfy every taste. Indian mangoes are very delicious, but are also full of different minerals and vitamins. Apart from being a great source of energy, they are full of Vitamin A, C, dietary fiber, potassium, polyphenols and carotenoids.

Indian mango export market

Mango packing in India for export

The proper packaging is one of the most important steps in every fruit’s journey towards international exports. The same rules goes for the Indian mango export markets. The good thing about mangoes is that they can be harvested while still raw and green. These immature unripe fruits are much harder and less vulnerable to physical harms and cuts.

However, they need to protected from open air all along the way, otherwise they might ripen sooner than expected. The mango packaging boxes provide these protections, and make the transportation and storage processes much easier.

Indian mango export market

Buy from Indian mango export market

By being the largest producer of mangoes in the world, India have automatically became one of its largest exporters as well. The Indian mango export market is huge and expands all over the world. People in most countries have heard of these fruit and they are very popular on the international fruit markets.

Most of the Indian mangoes exported to Middle Eastern countries every year. But, there are exports to all the five continents of the world as well. Indian mangoes are very juicy and delicious, and can quickly become a popular part of every fruit markets all over the world.

Indian mango export market

Export Mango to Middle East

The countries in the Middle East are among the largest Indian mango export markets in the world. The high population of these regions makes most of the main producers of mangoes interested in the region. They also do not have much mango production and need to supply all of their markets from neighboring countries. Also mangoes are among the popular tropical fruits in these regions.

Countries like Iran in the Middle East are one of the biggest importers of tropical fruits in the world. Overall, India is one of the main suppliers of mangoes and other tropical fruits in the Middle Eastern fruit markets. Their products are very popular in the region, and can exported in the fastest and cheapest way possible

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