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Iranian black grapes in the Middle East

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Black grape varieties in IranGrape buyers in the Middle EastThe benefits of Iranian black grapesExport Grapes From IranBuy Persian Grapes in the Middle East
Black grapes

Grapes are among the oldest and most common Iranian products and are produced on very large scales in vineyards from all over the country. Black grapes are one of the most interesting and popular products and you can easily find Iranian black grapes in the Middle Eastern countries’ markets.

Iranian black grapes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and both seeded and seedless. The seedless types generally used for fresh consumption within and outside the country, and are among the rarest and most valuable Iranian products. They also exported to many different countries of the world, specifically Middle Eastern ones.

Black grapes

Black grape varieties in Iran

There many different black grape varieties grown in different cities of Iran which all have different climates and harvesting seasons. Most of the Iranian black grapes are seedless and used for fresh consumption in both the local and international markets.

There are also Many seeded clack cultivars which are less popular for fresh consumption and used to make various side products. Most of the black Iranian grapes produced in the western and north western states of Iran. The West Azerbaijan province is one of the largest producers of these grapes. A large part of the Iranian grape exports also supplied by this state’s products.

Black grapes

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Grape buyers in the Middle East

Black grapes are a luxury item on the fresh fruit markets of the world, and most of the Middle Eastern countries try to import them. Iran is the best option for these countries and supplies large parts of their markets. There large shipments of these Iranian products sent to these countries every year.

The United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, and Iraq are among the grape customers of this region. These black Iranian grapes are extremely popular in these markets and are always among the products with the highest demands. They are also extremely healthy and full of various nutrients.

Black grapes

The benefits of Iranian black grapes

Black grapes are among the richest sources of anti-oxidants in nature. Black grapes contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which known to help in maintaining good eyesight. They have also got antioxidant properties that are very effective in combating all kinds of cancer.

They are also effective in the prevention of diabetes and can improve the regulation of insulin and increase insulin sensitivity. These grapes are rich in vitamin C, K and A along with flavonoids and minerals. All of these minerals and anti-oxidants are also amazing in boosting the immune system and disease prevention.

Black grapes

Export Grapes From Iran

Iran is the largest exporter of grapes in the Middle East and dominates the markets in these regions. A part of the popularity of the Iranian products is due to their variety and diversity. For example there are many different varieties of Iranian grapes and they all came in different shapes and colors.

Iran supplies the foreign markets with the highest quality green, yellow, red, and black grapes every year. Most of the Iranian grapes exported to Middle Eastern and neighboring countries like Russia. There are also minor exports to European and North American countries as well.

Black grapes

Buy Persian Grapes in the Middle East

Persian grapes are easily available all over the Middle Eastern markets every year. Middle Eastern countries are big grape consumers and there is no better place than Iran for them, to supply their fresh grape markets. Iranian gapes are high quality and have an amazing taste. Besides that, they mostly grown organic in the best vineyards in the regions which increases their popularity.

These facts and the short distance, makes Iranian grapes the best option for the Middle Eastern importers. The United Arab Emirates is the largest importer of the Iranian black grapes among all the Middle Eastern countries. The harvesting season of the Iranian grapes in September and they quickly sent to the markets.

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