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Iranian black seedless grapes for sale

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What do black seedless grapes taste like?Black seedless grapes health benefitsGrape production in IranExport black seedless grapes From IranIranian Grape Prices
Black seedless grapes

There are a lot of different high quality grape varieties found in the vineyards of Iran, which both seeded, and seedless, and have different colors. There are a lot of Iranian black seedless grapes for sale and exports every year, and it is one of the most popular grapes cultivated in Iran.

Black seedless grapes are one of the most popular cultivars of grapes for fresh consumption, thanks to their amazing taste, vibrant color, and seedless flesh. They also considered to be one of the oldest grape cultivars that date back to 6000 years ago. There are also more than 1000 official black grapes that come in all shapes and colors and have different tastes.

Black seedless grapes

What do black seedless grapes taste like?

Most of the black seedless grapes grown all over the world have a sweet taste and mostly used for fresh consumption as table grapes. They are rich in different nutrients and besides being consumed fresh, are turned into raisins and juices as well. Black seedless grapes are similar in taste and texture to red or green grapes, but because of their skin color, they have a higher antioxidant content.
They have a strong antioxidant called Anticyclonic, which gives the black grapes their dark vibrant color. Generally, the darker the fruit, the higher the anticyclonic content will be. They also produced on large commercial scales, in the Iranian vineyards.

Black seedless grapes

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Black seedless grapes health benefits

Black seedless grapes are rich in a number of nutrients, including natural antioxidants. And can be part of a healthy diet that reduces the number of calories you consume.Also Black grapes are a good source of dietary fiber, which gives bulk to your diet, helping you eat less. Dietary fiber can also help reduce the symptoms of constipation.
Black grapes are naturally sweet, with almost 15 grams of sugar per cup, which ranks them among the healthy fruits and vegetables. Black grapes also exhibit anti-mutagen and antioxidant properties that are very effective in preventing all kinds of cancer.

Black seedless grapes

Grape production in Iran

Around 2 million tons of grapes produced in Iran over the past Iranian year, which shows an increase in the production. Also around 107000 tons of these grapes exported to different countries. The biggest customers of the Iranian grapes were Iraq, the UAE and Russia. The Iranian black seedless grapes were also among the most popular of the Iranian grapes.
According to the stats published by the officials, there are 294,000 hectares of vineyards in the country. The states of Kurdistan, Qazvin, North Khorasan as well as East and West Azerbaijan are the main producers of grapes in Iran.

Black seedless grapes

Export black seedless grapes From Iran

Black seedless grapes are among the top Iranian agricultural products that are extremely popular on the foreign markets. Their sweet taste, along with the attractive color and the seedless flesh, makes them ideal choices for fresh consumption. These grapes produced mostly in the Kurdistan, and West Azerbaijan states.
They are among the top products of these regions and are a favorite for exports. Iraq and Russia are the biggest customers of these grapes from Iran. Since these grapes considered as top shelf fruits, exporting them highly profitable, and there are plans to expand production.

Black seedless grapes

Iranian Grape Prices

The prices of the grapes produced in Iran are all different depending on the grape’s quality, variety, and taste. Black seedless grapes are for example one of the most popular products of the country. They are also very suitable for fresh consumption and have a higher price than the other grapes. There are also a lot of grapes that exported in the form of raisins which all have their own prices. Most of the Iranian grape products exported to the countries of the region.
As a result, they’ll have much lower transportation costs, and become more profitable. Iranian grapes are a big part of the country’s agricultural products and a great help to its economy, so there are a lot of plans by the officials to increase the production and exports.

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