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Iranian cucumber export to the Middle East

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Cucumber Shoppers in the Middle EastCountries producing cucumbers in the regionOrganic cucumber production in IranCucumber export from IranPrices of Iranian cucumber
Iranian cucumber

Iran Is the biggest producer of cucumbers in the Middle East and the 3rd biggest producer in the world, so that places Iran among the world’s top exporters as well. There are a lot of Iranian cucumber export to the Middle Easter countries, because of their popularity, and lower shipping costs.

Cucumbers come in all shapes and colors, and besides being a refreshing hydrating snack, can be used as skin masks, to keep the skin moist and fresh. Iran is among the main producers of this vegetable, producing it in all its farms and greenhouses all over the country. There are a lot of different types of Iranian cucumbers and they are all healthy and popular.

Iranian cucumber

Cucumber Shoppers in the Middle East

Iranian cucumbers are extremely popular and in high demands among the Middle Eastern countries like Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. There are a lot of imports from neighboring countries like Russia every year as well. These Persian cucumbers are exported to more than 20 countries of the world as both fresh, and pickled cucumbers.
Persian cucumbers are one of the best cucumber cultivars, which is perfect for making pickles.  Other Middle Eastern countries do not have high amounts of production and have to supply their markets from foreign exporters. They choose these Iranian products because of their high quality and Organic nature.

Iranian cucumber

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Countries producing cucumbers in the region

Iran and Turkey are the biggest producers of cucumbers in the West Asia, and are both among the top exporters of the world as well. These countries are the only major producers of cucumbers in the region. So as a result, they are the main suppliers of the Middle Eastern and neighboring countries. Russia is one of the biggest importers of the Turkish and Iranian cucumbers.
There are also hundreds of thousands of tons of fresh cucumbers exported to the big and small countries of the region. The short distances between the exporting and importing countries has also made the process more convenient.

Iranian cucumber

Organic cucumber production in Iran

Most of the cucumbers grown in Iran grown naturally and do not receive any chemical pesticides and preservatives during production. These organic Iranian cucumbers are also much healthier. These products grown by using natural fertilizers like manure and compost, which are also more environmental friendly as well.
In organic production, the pests also controlled in natural ways like using birds, insects, and traps. The chemicals used in non-organic production, could be really harmful to the body. Organic cucumbers are also usually fresher, because they don’t contain any chemical preservatives in them.

Iranian cucumber

Cucumber export from Iran

As said above, Iran is one of the main cucumber suppliers among the Middle Eastern and neighboring countries. Iranian cucumbers have found their place in the international markets because of their organic nature and high quality. They also exported as pickles to many countries of the world.
They make perfect pickles because of their thin skin and seedless crunchy flesh. Around 10% of the cucumbers produced in Iran are exported to around 23 countries of the world. These Persian cucumbers have also been really well received and are currently in high demands on those markets.

Iranian cucumber

Prices of Iranian cucumber

Iranian cucumbers’ prices can change a lot, according to many different internal and external factors. The most indicator of the cucumbers’ market price, is the amount of productions that year. The national production amount could suffer because of unexpected frosts or pests. When these types of natural problems occur, the production will decrease and that will increase the market prices.
Also there are hundreds of different cucumber varieties that can have different prices on the markets. Cucumbers are among the all season’s vegetables, and traded all year long. This is thanks to the fact that they can be grown in greenhouses. The greenhouse cucumbers are also less popular and have different prices.

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