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Iranian grape varieties for sales

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Iranian grape varietiesGreen Or Red Seedless grapes on saleSale of Persian Asgari grapeUrmia grapes for saleIranian grape exportsIranian grape Prices
Iranian grape varieties

Iran is among the top grape producing countries of the world which produces more than 3 million tons of grapes annually and also exports its finest products to more than 70 countries of the world. There are also a lot of high quality Iranian grape varieties that are available for sale internationally.
Grapes are an important part of the Iranian farming industry. This is an important part of Iranian fruit exports. Just last yar, Iran exported more than 107,000 tons of grapes to different countries. Iraq, the UAE and Russia with around 18,600 tons, 14,400 tons and 12,900 tons of purchases respectively were Iran’s top three export destinations.

Iranian grape varieties for sales

Iranian grape varieties

Grapes are probably one of the oldest and best known of the cultivated fruit plants grown in Iran and the Middle Eastern countries. Iran is one of the countries that grows grapes for commercial purposes. There are some important types of local business features available.
Cultivars like Asgari, Keshmeshi, Shahroudi, and Khalili have shown a lot of potential and have a high yield rate. Keshmeshi and Asgari are the most important Iranian grape seeds. Keshmeshi and Asgari are consumed as freshly harvested fresh herbs and raisins.
Almost all of these numerous Iranian grape varieties are exported available in international markets.

Iranian grape varieties for sales

Green Or Red Seedless grapes on sale

Red and Green seedless grapes are small to medium in size and are round to slightly oblong in shape. The color of a grape without an olive oil, red or green, can vary widely depending on the conditions of variety and local growth conditions. But it’s usually a deeper color than light. Their skin is also thin.
These conditions made red and green seedless grapes very popular all around the world and a lot of big companies and websites offer them among their products.

Iranian grape varieties for sales

Sale of Persian Asgari grape

The Persian asgari grapes are small, round, yellow and sweet and juicy. These delicious grapes are also seedless and are great for low chill, mild winter climates. These grapes are best enjoyed fresh and have a lot of other usages as well.
Some people also dry them to make raisins, or use their big green leaves to make the Persian dish of Dolmeh. This amazing specie is only one of many Iranian grape varieties, and is sent to both local and international markets.

Iranian grape varieties for sales

Urmia grapes for sale

Urmia is one of the biggest cities in Iran and the capital of West Azerbaijan state in the north west of Iran. The farmers of grape in Urmia, produce around 286000 tons of fresh grapes every year.
Urmia is the 4th biggest grape producing city in Iran and produces more than 45 different cultivars of grapes in its vine yards. Despite being the 4th in grape production, Urmia is the number one grape exporting city in Iran with 40000 tons of grapes exported every year.

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Iranian grape exports

Iran is the 8th biggest producer of grapes worldwide with close to 3.2 million tons of grapes produced every year. There are 294000 hectares of vineyards in the country. The states of Kurdistan, Qazvin, North Khorasan as well as East and West Azerbaijan are the main producers of grapes in Iran.
Grapes are one of the main fruits exporte by Iran. Iranian grape varieties exported to more than 70 countries of the world in both fresh and dried form.

Iranian grape varieties for sales


Iranian grape Prices

There are a lot of factors affecting the international prices of the Iranian grape cultivars all over the world. The first and most important factor is the grape variety.
Because some special types have a lower interest rate and higher demand and therefore more expensive. Also the season of the harvest can affect the final price, as all fruits are usually cheaper during the original harvesting season.
Another important factor is the quality of the final product which depends on climate, soil quality and lots of other things. Also shipping costs will also affect the Iranian grape prices worldwide.