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Iranian Mango exports to the Middle East

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Mango consumption in Middle Eastern countriesSuitable climatic conditions for the cultivation of mangoMango farms in South of IranIranian Mango exportsBuy Mango in the Middle East
Iranian Mango

Mangoes produced in the only tropical regions of Iran in the north, and these high quality mangoes both consumed within the country and exported to the neighboring regions. The process of Iranian Mango exports to the Middle East happens on large amounts every year.

Iranian Mango grown only in small regions in the south of the country, but they are among the oldest and most popular products there. Some of the farmers in southern Iran have been farming mangoes for generations, and the fruit is very important for the economy. There are also many factories in the region making side products from the mangoes.

Iranian Mango

Mango consumption in Middle Eastern countries

Mangoes have become an international trend over the past few years, and they consumed all over the world on very large scales. Middle Eastern countries are no exception and since they do not have the required climate for production of the fruit, they have to import it. There are many top global producers of the fruit who target the Middle Eastern mango markets.

The high population of the Middle East and the popularity of mangoes, are the reason for these high amounts of imports. Iranian Mango also supply a small part of the markets in the neighboring countries. The big suppliers of these regions include India, Pakistan, and Philippines.

Iranian Mango

Suitable climatic conditions for the cultivation of mango

Mangoes are tropical fruit and require hot humid tropical regions for proper growth. That’s why India the largest producer of mangoes in the world and single handedly produced nearly half of the global mangoes. These regions are also found in south Iran, hence the production of Iranian Mango.

Most of the mangoes in the world produced in countries near the earth’s equator. Most producers also located in Asia, but there are some large producers in south and central America as well. There more than 44 million tons of fresh mangoes produced in the world every year.

Iranian Mango

Mango farms in South of Iran

Iran produces around 43000 tons of fresh mangoes every year from the finest farms in the south. The state of Hormozgan is the largest producer of mangoes in the country. Mangoes harvested in both the ripened and unripe forms in these farms and are very valuable to the locals.

Iran has more than 2800 hectares of mango farms, mostly in the south. The city of Minab is famous for its mangoes in Iran and account for around 1500 hectares of total Iranian mango farms. Around 30% of these mangoes harvested while unripe and used to make side products like pickles.

Iranian Mango

Iranian Mango exports

A large part of the Iranian Mango harvested while they are still green and unripe. There are many local factories which use these mangoes to make high quality pickles. These pickles also exported to many countries as a product of the mango farmers of Iran.

A large part of the mangoes also exported to the neighboring countries like the United Arab Emirates. These countries also import these mangoes for both fresh consumption and pickle making. The mangoes from Iran are popular in these countries because of their amazing taste, and their natural organic way of harvesting.

Iranian Mango

Buy Mango in the Middle East

Many different types of mangoes easily found in the Middle East. Most of the Middle Eastern countries are not large mango producers, but that does not stop them from consuming the fruits. Most of these countries import mangoes from big producers of the world. Iranian Mango are just a small part of this big international market.

Nonetheless, they are extremely popular, and are always in high demands. The main producers of mangoes in the world always target these markets. The popularity of mangoes is constantly increasing in the Middle East, and there is a bright future for this market. Many countries including Iran have also got plans to expand their production and exports in the future.

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