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Iranian pomegranate seller for export

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Pomegranate production in Iranian citiesIranian pomegranate sellerMain supply of pomegranate for exportPomegranate exports from IranThe price per ton Iranian pomegranate
Iranian pomegranate seller

Iran is one of the countries that produces the best pomegranate in the world and has a long history in this regard. Pomegranate is also one of the traditional fruits of Iranians and nowadays every Iranian pomegranate seller is selling this great fruit for export to all over the world.

Many parts of Iran have the proper weather condition for the production of this fruit, therefore the fruit is of a high quality and the farms also produce great amount of the fruit. Iranian pomegranate seller can easily find markets in other countries all around the world. As the produced fruit is mostly organic and high-quality, it is always easy to sell this fruit in the market.

Iranian pomegranate seller

Pomegranate production in Iranian cities

Iran is a four-season country and many fruits can be cultivated there. Many provinces produce pomegranate in Iran, such as Markazi, Yazd, Fars, South Khorasan, Isfahan and Tehran. Fars province is the first pomegranate producer in Iran and only in Tehran there are over 600 hectares of pomegranate gardens.

Yazd has also got over 7000 hectares of pomegranate gardens that produce about 100,000 tons of pomegranate. The pomegranate productions of these provinces exported to countries such as Iraq, Netherland, Armenia, Afghanistan, UAE, Turkmenistan and Russia. All Iranian pomegranate seller are dealing with the export of this fruit.

Iranian pomegranate seller

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Iranian pomegranate seller

Iranian pomegranate one of the best pomegranate products in the world and therefore has attracted many pomegranate importers to itself. The Iranian pomegranate seller provide the fruit in its highest quality and in quite nice marketable packs. The price however, doesn’t match with the expenses to export the fruit.

Since there are many countries to import pomegranate from Iran, the price goes higher in the international market. The importing countries are great factors in determining the price. The international price should always be higher than the price in the local market.

Iranian pomegranate seller

Main supply of pomegranate for export

Exporting pomegranate to the foreign countries to meet their demands needs a great effort and great amount of production. As the greatest pomegranate producing country, Iran is supplying many countries around the world. The large area under the cultivation in Iran is producing a great amount of the market’s need for the fruit.

As a main supplier of this fruit, Iran needs to improve its packing system to raise the price of pomegranate for export. The higher production makes the country to export the fruit. That is why the export price is lower in the international fruit market.

Iranian pomegranate seller

Pomegranate exports from Iran

The pomegranate produced in Iran exported to many countries around the world. Iranian pomegranate seller usually deals with many importers since Iran is a big producer, their demands supplied. Since pomegranate contains a great number of antioxidants, the production of it is of a great importance.

The pomegranate produced in Iran mostly exported to the neighboring countries in Asia and Netherland. The exporters now trying to increase the quality of the exported products to conquer the European fruit markets. Iranian pomegranate has got a great export potential.

Iranian pomegranate seller

The price per ton Iranian pomegranate

The price of pomegranate is now higher in the domestic market than the foreign market. Also the price of pomegranate exported by Iranian pomegranate seller is about 3 times lower than its price in the local market. This price per ton of Iranian pomegranate provokes any importer of this fruit to buy the fruit from Iran.

The lower export price of pomegranate reduces the export amount; therefore, the price should stabilized in the local market. The export price per ton should be higher than the local price. Pomegranate importers and exporters make deals based on the price per ton. The Iranian pomegranate price is very low in comparison to the price of the pomegranate produced in other countries.

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