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Iranian Red Delicious apple for sale

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Best Red Delicious apple sizeProduction of red apples in IranPacking the apples in carton PlastExports of apple from IranPrices of Iranian Red Delicious apple
Red Delicious apple

Iran is a big producer of apples in the Middle East region and harvests nearly 3.7 million tons of different varieties of fresh apple every year from different states with different climates. A lot of local and international fruit companies in Iran offer Iranian Red Delicious apple for sale among their products.

Like many other types of apples, Red Delicious apple filled with antioxidants which help the body to find various diseases. These antioxidants can regulate the blood pressure and will do miracles for people with heart diseases. They are also very low in calories and could be an amazing healthy snack for everyone, especially people on weight diets.

Red Delicious apple

Best Red Delicious apple size

Red Delicious apple are table grapes and mostly used for fresh consumption, so their size will play an important role in their marketability. These apples also have a very vibrant red skin which will catch the eye, especially in the larger ones. Big apples directly packages and exported to markets as top shelf fruits and are also sold easily.
They considered grade A or grade 1 and are the most expensive, as well. The smaller or bruised apples called 2nd grade fruits and are much cheaper. They also used for fresh consumption, but are not very popular for exports and mostly used to make side products like apple juice and extracts.

Red Delicious apple

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Production of red apples in Iran

Iran produces around 3.7 million tons of apples every year, and around 1.2 million tons of those are Red Delicious apple. There are also other red apple cultivars like Fuji which produced in Iran but in much lower quantities. Iranian Red delicious are very high quality and mostly organic.
Organic apples of Iran do not receive any chemical preservatives and pesticides and are healthier. Also, the absence of chemical preservatives will make sure that the products will reach the markets as fresh as possible. Red apples of Iran mostly used for fresh consumption everywhere.

Red Delicious apple

Packing the apples in carton Plast

The Packaging of apples is one of the most important and costly steps in the apple exports. Even though apples have hard fleshed and are not sensitive, their skins are very fragile. The skin of the apple could get cuts or bruises very easily and that will have very bad results. The flesh of the apples will react to the open air quickly and will turn brow in a few minutes.
So as a result, the boxes must be made strong out of appropriate materials in order to withstand the physical harms along the way. Especially in the case of Red Delicious apple which have vibrant skins and are top shelf fruits.

Red Delicious apple

Exports of apple from Iran

There more than 200000 tons of apples exported from Iran to many different countries every year. According to the statistics presented by the Iranian officials, these products exported to 23 countries. Red Delicious apple account for most of these exports and are one of the main Iranian products.
The United Arab Emirates is the biggest importer of the Iranian apples with 63% of the total apple exports. Other big Importers of Iranian apples include Pakistan and India with 17 and 6% respectively. Iranian apples are very high quality and popular in these markets.

Red Delicious apple

Prices of Iranian Red Delicious apple

Red Delicious apple are among the most popular and heavily cultivated apple varieties in the world, and usually have a reference global price. Because of this fact, the most important factors in setting the prices of these apple in Iran will be their quality and customers. Iranian Red Delicious mostly exported to Middle Eastern or neighboring countries because of the short distance.
The shorter the distance of the two countries, the lower the shipping costs will be. Another big factor in setting the price of the apples is their quality. Red Delicious products of Iran come in different sizes and different grades. The first grade fruits which used for fresh consumption are always more expensive than the others.

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