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Iran’s apple price in Pakistan

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Iranian apple typesPersian yellow appleIranian red apples productionExports of apple from IranIran's apple price in PakistanPrices of apples in Pakistan
Iran's apple price in Pakistan

Iran is among the top countries that are producing and exporting apples on a commercial scales and has imports to west Asian and Middle Eastern countries like Russia, Iraq, and Pakistan. The Iran’s apple price in Pakistan and other countries are set according to the transportation costs.

Apples are one of the most produced fruits in the world. Which has an annual production of over 89 million tons every year in all the continents. China, USA, and Poland are the biggest producers of this fruit and hold more than 50% on the global market.

Iran is also a big producer of high quality apples in the West Asian regions and has exports to many countries.

Iran's apple price in Pakistan

Iranian apple types

There are 79 official Iranian apple cultivars that are known as native to Iran. And are produced locally in different regions, but only a few are grown for commercial purposes. One of the most famous Iranian apple cultivars that is produced on a massive scale is the Golab apple.

These apples come in different skin colors from yellow to red. Which are usually smaller in size and sweeter in taste with a soft flesh. Many of the big favorite international varieties like Granny Smiths, Red and Golden delicious, Fuji and Braeburn also produced in Iran.

Iran’s apple price in Pakistan and other importing countries also very good compared to the quality.

Iran's apple price in Pakistan

Persian yellow apple

A lot of the most popular yellow apple varieties of the world like Golden Delicious are also produce in the farms of Iran. Iran produces around 3.7 million tons of apples every year and around 1 million tons of those are Golden Delicious.

Big states producing Iranian yellow apples include West and East Azerbaijan, Tehran, Ardebil, Isfahan, and Khorasan. Iranian apples mostly grown organic and very popular and in high demand, on the international markets.

Iran's apple price in Pakistan

Iranian red apples production

Red apples are the biggest part of the Iranian apple industry. Red varieties like Red Delicious account for most of the Iranian apple production and are very popular in the local and international markets. Iran produces around 1.4 million tons of Red Delicious apple alone.

The state of West Azerbaijan is the biggest producer of Iranian red apples in the country. This state’s productions sent to a lot of countries and set a lot of prices like Iran’s apple price in Pakistan.

Iran's apple price in Pakistan

Exports of apple from Iran

As the biggest producer of Fruits in the Middle East and North Africa. Iran is also a big name in the export business. Apple exports are a multi-million-dollar industry in Iran with around 150000 tons of exports every year.

Most of the Iranian apples exported to neighboring and Middle Easter countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Turkey. There is also some interest for the Iranian high quality apples from Russia and the European Union countries every year.

Iran's apple price in Pakistan

Iran’s apple price in Pakistan

Iran exports its apples to more than 24 countries of the world. Each year. There are more than 146000 tons of apples sent from Iran to the international markets. Pakistan is also one of the importers of the high quality Iranian apples in the region.

Iran’s apple price in Pakistan is more affordable due to the ease of transportation and the short distance of the neighboring countries. These apples have shown high interest in the Pakistani markets and there are hopes for the increase of trades in the future.

Iran's apple price in Pakistan

Prices of apples in Pakistan

These technologies have made the export process much cheaper, safer and faster. These improvements, allowed the companies and exporting countries to focus on their quality while being able to lower their prices.

The same rules apply about the apples exported to Pakistan as well, and Iranian apples are a good choice for their markets. Besides the high quality of the Iranian fruit, the short distance and the land border between the two countries, will make the export process much more convenient.