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Kiwi exports from Iran to the middle east

Kiwi is one of the major export products of Iran which mainly cultivated in the northern parts of the country. Kiwi is one of the most popular products in many countries of the world and kiwi exports from Iran to the Middle East every year. Fortunately, Iran has a remarkable capacity and talent in producing this product.

Kiwi exports from Iran to Russia

The overall price and details of the expense spent on kiwi exports from iran to Russia on a large scale for traders is enormous. The mechanism of this complex is that in order to reach the peak of the economy, it cares less about the small, short-term and everyday profits and more about branding in the global markets and has pursued this part of its goal.

Buyer companies, and especially exporters, can make the most out of this business policy and make huge profits, and that has become available and accessible to some in recent years. For a number of reasons mentioned in the content of the site, the desire of the Iranian kiwi market to cooperate and establish more economic interaction with companies that buy from the Caspian countries and especially the Russians.

Kiwi exports from Iran to Russia

High quality Guilan kiwi and its high quality market

Last year, 67,500 tons of kiwi exports from Iran (Gilan) were exported to the Persian Gulf and Russia. Due to the good conditions of the kiwi market in Gilan 7,500 people work in the kiwi gardens of Gilan and the good kiwi market has led to the development of this crop. It should noted that the Persian Gulf and the Russians are the best customers of Mazandaran province’s products such as Kiwi, which has gone from a region of political relations in the Middle East to a more open platform for continued cooperation and trade.

Provided economically. Russia and the Persian Gulf, due to its geographical location and market, is a good platform for Gilani farmers to work and earn money.

Most of Guilan kiwi produced in Talesh, Rudsar and Astara. Guilan Kiwi has a very favorable market in Russia due to its high quality.

High quality Guilan kiwi and its high quality market

Kiwi Talesh and it’s over

Talesh Kiwi is very good and in addition to selling this product in the city of Astan, most of Talesh Kiwi exported to other countries including Russia, India, Persian Gulf Countries and so on. There currently over 4,500 people working on kiwi efforts and indirectly this product has created employment for 7,500 people.

Kiwi farmers always advised to avoid early kiwifruit in the orchards so that the quality of this product is favorable in foreign markets and that kiwi exports from Iran are as popular as in previous years. Fortunately, farmers adhere to these experts’ recommendations. On average, between 90,000 and 110,000 tonnes of kiwifruit produced in Talish, and the amount produced this year estimated after final harvest.

Talesh one of the kiwi-producing poles in the country, and the harvest is currently completed in the city and more than 80 percent of it is harvested.

Kiwi Talesh and it's over

The high value and profitability of kiwi exports in the country

Iran’s kiwi crop has a lot to say in terms of quality and quantity in export. Kiwi exports from iran currently most neighboring countries, especially Russia, India, Pakistan and European countries. European countries, especially Italy, are scarce this year due to severe cold weather and frostbite in the production of all kinds of fruit, especially kiwi. Most of the domestic kiwi is now exported to European countries.

This year’s kiwi crop has been satisfying in terms of quantity and quality of production and has also been favorable in terms of exports. According to FAO statistics, Iran is the largest producer of fruit in the Middle East and North Africa. Agricultural mechanization plays a very important role in the flourishing of this sector. Competitiveness of agricultural products on the international market requires the development of agricultural mechanization and consequently the reduction of planting costs. Competitiveness in international markets requires high product quality and reduced production costs.

Given the importance of achieving expanded non-oil exports, attention to agricultural exports is of great importance.

The high value and profitability of kiwi exports in the country

Kiwi exports from Iran one of the best fruit exports

One of the most important works in the context progress of the Iranian economy and turning the cycle of the country’s economy is export that an important part of these exports is the export of fruit that one of these fruits is kiwi. Kiwi exports from Iran to the middle east cause enhances the economy of Iran. Kiwi exports from Iran one of the best fruit exports.

This exported fruit picked up in the fall season and it exported to the middle east. Due to continuous exports to the middle east all people are aware of the benefits and every year there are many requests to export this product from Iran requested from other countries. In the kiwi exports from Iran especially exports to the middle east product quality must always maintained.

Kiwi exports from Iran one of the best fruit exports

Kiwi buyers in the middle east

Buy kiwi in a few ways:

  1. purchase of fruit stores available in each area
  2. buy directly from the farmer.

In the first method you can buy fruits high quality and high price. In the second method in addition to quality fruits you can get the same fruit at a very low price. Because The advantage of buying directly from the farmer himself is that it is also more cost effective. And the product does not have to remain in stock and it comes directly the farmer to the customer and goes a little way and it causes less damage to the fruit. Usually for kiwi exports from Iran separate quality fruit and send and their price is higher than the fruits of the country.


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Harvest season of kiwi in Iran

The fall season is the kiwi harvesting season in Iran that Gilan province is the most important province in this context. The kiwi tree usually starts fruiting 3-4 years later and at the age of 8-10 is full of fecundity. Picking kiwi in eastern Mazandaran from the first day of the azar and it is possible in Astara 15 days sooner.

This fruit tight and sour when picked up and not pleasant to Iranian tastes and for kiwi exports from Iran should be Keep at least 1 week in an environment with a temperature of 15 degra. This fruit washed off after being planted from the tree in water and disinfectant.

Harvest season of kiwi in Iran

Packaging kiwi in the basket

When they bring fruit from the tree to not hurt put them in packs in the basket. Lists of baskets intended for this purpose it very durable and from compressed plastic. For better packaging these fruits should put any fruit between paper. This will also protect the fruit and also the ripe of immature fruits.

Protecting and packaging in the export is very important and it must done carefully to always attract customers. The keep more of this fruits in the basket should remain in the anbar in good weather so the fruits do not rot. For kiwi exports from Iran this packaging must always carried out.

Packaging kiwi in the basket

Kiwi exports from Iran

To export any kind of fruit including kiwi must put the quality product in the export basket. Otherwise this fruit will raise or lower the credibility of Iran and it can attract or reduce a lot of customers. Kiwi exports are the main hub of winter exports. One of the types of exports id the kiwi exports from Iran.

One of the products that earlier than promised as a newborn exported to other countries is premature kiwi and this is wrong kiwi is much more sour at this stage and it many not fit all tastes so the export of any fruit should done in it is season so that it will cause celebrate the name of Iran.

Kiwi exports from Iran

The price of kiwi in the middle east

One of the matters it is important in buying and selling and export any fruit in the middle east. It is price which is in ordinary buy and sell and at kiwi exports from Iran in kilograms. Also it calculated for export in tons. It is report the price of kiwi has raised in tons. I must tell you that the price of kiwi is different according to premature and it is ripe.

The price of kiwi in the middle east considered to be a nourishing fruit it is little more than ripe kiwi. Because the ripe kiwi has stayed longer in storage and later than his season he reached the customer. For determine the price per ton of kiwi the first price of the kilo will calculated on the market until then the price per ton calculated.

In general kiwi is a winter fruit and tonic at the right price.

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