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Kiwi fruit price 1 kg

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What kind of kiwi are you looking to buy?Countries that buy Iranian kiwiKiwi fruit price 1 kgKiwi fruit box price
Kiwi fruit price 1 kg

If you are looking to know the Kiwi fruit price 1 kg in gardens or cold stores in Iran, you can get the Kiwi fruit price 1 kg and different varieties of this fruit in the next 15 days by contacting the experts of Vitarad Company. . But what is now being bought and sold for kiwi is about 15,000 Tomans in the orchards, and many people who work in the field of kiwifruit packaging in Iran have pre-purchased this fruit from the orchards.
Green kiwi is one of the cultivars that has the highest area under cultivation in Iranian gardens and it is harvested every year from the 15th of October, which has a brown-golden skin that has very small seeds inside it and as Its name suggests that its inner texture is green.
As we mentioned in the previous articles, there are three types of kiwis in Iran, the most sold of which are green Hayward kiwis. Another type that is produced in the gardens of different regions of Iran is blood kiwis and yellow kiwis. We will pay the figures.

What kind of kiwi are you looking to buy?

In this paragraph, we mostly talk to those who are looking to buy Iranian kiwis in foreign countries but do not know what kind of kiwi from Iran has the most sales or which quality of kiwi is suitable for their market, so we try to get a full report of kiwi. Iran to provide you with foreign customers and buyers.
The export of Iranian kiwifruit starts every year from the 15th of Aban to important countries such as

  • India
  • Russia
  • Uzbekistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Turkey
  • England
  • Sweden
  • And some Asian countries

For sale.
If you are one of the mass buyers from the mentioned countries, it is better to know that the highest sales of kiwis in Iran are Hayward green kiwis, the Kiwi fruit price 1 kg at the time of export is about 70 cents, which is quite suitable and competitive compared to kiwis from other countries.
So if you are looking to trade with Iran in the field of buying kiwi, we offer you green kiwi. The advantages of this kiwi compared to other cultivars is that its quality and shelf life is more than four months in the cold storage, but blood kiwi and kiwi You must sell gold in your country’s retail market within at least two months.

Kiwi fruit price 1 kg

Countries that buy Iranian kiwi

One of the most important countries that have the highest purchase of kiwis from Iran every year is India and Russia, where almost 60% of Iran’s kiwis are exported to this country, which comes from different regions of Mazandaran and Gilan provinces in the provinces. The two countries have the highest sales.
India, as the most populous country in the world, has a very large market for kiwifruit, so that the consumption of kiwifruit in this country has been recommended and emphasized by doctors, so before harvesting kiwifruit from Iranian orchards, mass orders start from this country.

Russia also has the largest market in the European Union, which in addition to kiwi fruit, other fruits and vegetables of Iran also has the highest sales and due to the special taste of Iranian fruits always has a large number of customers.

Kiwi fruit price 1 kg

The Kiwi fruit price 1 kg is more suitable for India and Russia than other countries in Iran. The reason is that both the amount of purchases from these countries is very high and there is more competition for kiwi trade in the Indian and Russian markets, so Iranian kiwi has the highest volume of exports to this country and the Kiwi fruit price 1 kg Its green is also the proportion of kiwis that from

  • Greece
  • Spain
  • Chile
  • And New Zealand

Enters are quite convenient and competitive.

Kiwi fruit price 1 kg

Kiwi fruit box price

In India, since most fruits are sold in boxes, so our request is that the weight of all boxes be the same and uniform, so the best type of kiwi that is exported from Iran to India They are placed in 10 kg plastic basket packages and even the Kiwi fruit price 1 kg exported to this country is applied and calculated with a box.
The reason why fruits are given to citizens in boxes in India is that several customers of Vitarad Group stated that in India, buyers or citizens of this country due to the high number of family members buy as A kilo is not affordable for them, so they buy it in a box, and if there are more kiwis or any other fruit in each box, it will be more suitable for them.
Therefore, if you pay attention, India always wants to buy kiwi from Iran, which is medium to low in size, and perhaps fewer customers in this country are active in the field of kiwi trade who order to buy kiwi in large format.

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