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Kiwi fruit price

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The most important kiwi producing citiesBuy kiwi fruit directlyKiwi fruit price
Kiwi fruit price

For kiwi customers and buyers in the market, the purchase Kiwi fruit price is an important issue because this sample is the best kiwi product and there is a lot of demand from domestic and foreign markets for its supply.
For information on the price of this product, customers can refer to the fruit and vegetable fields of their city. One of the best ways to buy this fruit at cheap prices is to go to a dealer. Because in sales agencies, customers can buy the required amount of this product at affordable prices.

The most important kiwi producing cities

The most important cities of kiwifruit production in Iran can be named Tonekabon and Talesh, and in between, the two cities of Choobdar and Jokandan are the main areas of Talesh city in the gardening of kiwi trees in northern Iran is one of the important garden items of this city.
The area under cultivation of this crop in Mazandaran is about 8000 thousand hectares of Iranian orchards that are under kiwi cultivation.
The annual harvest level of kiwifruit is more than 110,000 tons of kiwifruit per year, which is considered as the center of fruit production in the country.
According to the announcement of Jihad Keshavarzi in November 1997, Iran is the fourth largest producer of kiwifruit in the world.
Favorable conditions of green kiwi in the market, early fertility of kiwi fruit, market-friendly kiwi fruit are among its production boom.

Buy kiwi fruit directly

Increasing the prosperity of agricultural production should be accompanied by the growth and growth of new agricultural and horticultural equipment. It is necessary to increase and prosper the market for buying and selling agricultural products in terms of exports and creating a new market.
Kiwi harvest from Mazandaran and Gilan orchards begins around November every year and lasts for about a month.
Buying kiwifruit directly from kiwi orchards can give the farmer the advantage of not having to pay for storage and cold storage.
The direct purchase of kiwifruit from orchards by conversion industries has increased the farmer’s income and not witnessed fruit waste.
The prosperity of green kiwi in the export market with the support of the government and the necessary facilities in the region and the appropriate time of harvest is needed.

Kiwi fruit price

Kiwi fruit price in Russia as one of the cold countries, astronomical and high price for major buyers. The price is determined by the weather conditions. Iranian kiwi has a reasonable price for sale.
Russia is one of the coldest countries in the world and it is practically impossible to produce products in it.
Therefore, this country needs to import some first-class agricultural products at many times of the year.
Iran is one of the countries that is active in the meantime and the Kiwi fruit price in Russia is a prime example.

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