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Kiwi fruit selling companies

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Kiwi producing cities in IranBenefits of consuming Hayward golden and green kiwiKiwi fruit selling companies

Kiwi fruit selling companies by selling of Iranian Howard golden and green kiwi has many fans who have their own fans and enthusiasts both because of their different color and because of their different taste compared to green kiwi.
Know that you can take care of your body without taking medicine and using natural foods.
Kiwi fruit has a property that can reduce blood glyceride levels to a great extent.
Golden and green kiwi is the fruit of China and its name is known as “kiwi” with a shortened version.
Golden and green kiwi is a variety of vines or climbing plants and is highly respected as the national fruit of this country. Originally known as “Yang Tao”, kiwi is an oval and fluffy fruit.

Kiwi producing cities in Iran

Kiwi in our country has the highest production in all three northern provinces of Mazandaran, Gilan and Golestan and is sold by the Kiwi fruit selling companies.
The most important kiwi producing cities in Iran are Tonekabon and Astara, which have a high annual production volume and in addition to supplying the domestic market, they also export.

Benefits of consuming Hayward golden and green kiwi

Kiwi is a rich source of vitamin C and has more vitamin C than oranges.

The most important benefits of kiwi are:

  • Improve digestive health
  • Contribute to cardiovascular health
  • Help treat cancer
  • Eliminate insomnia
  • Macular degeneration (yellow spot destruction)
  • And…

Kiwi is rich in flavonoids and is useful in pregnancy, it also helps maintain healthy skin and iron absorption.
The antimicrobial properties of kiwi also protect the body against a number of pathogens and strengthen the immune system.
If you do not have a problem with eating kiwi with or without skin, it is recommended to eat this fruit with skin. Because a large part of vitamin E is present in kiwi skin and makes the skin fresh.
Golden and green kiwi is a small fruit that contains a treasure trove of food wonders and has many nutrients.
Kiwi contains a lot of potassium along with other minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Kiwi fruit selling companies

As you know, kiwi in northern Iran is one of the fruits that has been able to be sold in various markets in the country and abroad, and the purchase of kiwis in northern Iran is very prosperous. In these markets, products are offered that have the highest quality and buyers can take advantage of their desired advantages.

Kiwi in northern Iran has been offered for sale by various centers, some of which are active in the Iranian market and others in the field of export. For this reason, North Kiwi has many customers and Kiwi fruit selling companies around the world and good sales can be seen from them. These products are of excellent quality and consumers can prepare and use them at a certain rate.

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