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kiwi fruit wholesale

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Production and sale of bulk kiwikiwi fruit wholesaleKiwi production statistics
kiwi fruit wholesale

kiwi fruit wholesale in the form of kiwi sorting or without sorting in the form of buying kiwi from the gardener is done by the export kiwifruit sales center in the north of the country.

Production and sale of bulk kiwi

The main kiwi producing regions in Iran are the northern provinces of Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan
Due to the climate and also the quality of the soil and the type of sandy bed for kiwi, the amount of kiwi harvest is very significant and also the sale of kiwi fruit wholesale in the domestic market due to storage in cold stores can be offered until the Eid night market. Be.

Due to the quality of Guilan kiwifruit, the sale of Hayward kiwifruit for export in the foreign market also has many customers.

Iraq, Russia, Turkey, India, Afghanistan are the main customers of Iranian kiwifruit for export.
Kiwi Talesh and Kiwi Astara have a good quality and quantity due to the favorable weather conditions. Is the western part of Gilan.
Kiwis produced in Iran are sent to all cities of the country and a small share of kiwi produced in Gilan is exported to neighboring countries.

kiwi fruit wholesale

kiwi fruit wholesale , since 1978 in cooperation with FAO or the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, four varieties of kiwifruit named:

  • Kiwi Hayward
  • Kiwi Bruno
  • Kiwi Manti
  • Kiwi Abbott

Two male kiwi cultivars named:

  • Kiwi tumor
  • Kiwi Matwa

It entered Iran from France and Italy and after conducting research and studies, in 1988, kiwifruit growers were propagated and distributed.

The expansion of kiwi fruit cultivation at the beginning of kiwi arrival in Gilan changed the use of paddy fields and turned it into a kiwi orchard, so at first the Ministry of Agriculture refused to support this product and due to the high cost of constructing one hectare of kiwi orchard compared to paddy, The cultivation of this crop was developed in such a way that only gardeners with capital were able to build a kiwi orchard.

Kiwi production statistics

Iran ranks fourth in the production of kiwi in the world and the demand for its consumption for export is high, so the kiwi produced with very high quality and sorted kiwi is sent to other countries.
The purchase of kiwi fruit wholesale in Gilan is done by buying kiwi from a gardener or buying kiwi from kiwi cold storage in the north of the country, sorted or without sorting through kiwi sales centers, and you can buy bulk kiwi directly from Vitarad Company.

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