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Kiwi supplier in Iran

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Kiwi farms in IranWhat is the season for Kiwi?Kiwi export packagingBest Kiwi supplier in IranVitarad company Kiwi sales
Kiwi supplier in Iran

Kiwis are one of the healthiest fresh fruits of the world, that have been cultivated in Iran over the past few decades, and today, Iran is among the top producers, worldwide. There are also a lot of kiwi supplier in Iran that collect the kiwis from the farms and prepare them for international imports.

These fruits are one of the biggest sources of vitamin C, and can help the human body’s immune system. They come in tow colors of yellow, and the traditional green, and have very few calories, which makes them an ideal snack for people on diets.

Kiwi supplier in Iran, work with different countries of the world, and send tons of kiwis to international markets.

Kiwi supplier in Iran

Kiwi farms in Iran

Kiwis require climates with humid and cool weather and mild winters. That’s why all of the Iranian kiwis are produced in the northern states of Mazandaran, Guilan, and Golestan.  There are more than 8000 hectares of kiwi farms between these three states. On average, they produce 294000 tons of different varieties of green and yellow kiwis, every year.

Mazandaran is the biggest producer of kiwis in Iran followed by Guilan, and Golestan with the productions of 110000, 70000, and 41000 tons of fresh kiwis every year. Kiwi supplier in Iran collect the kiwis from these states every year, and distribute them to local and international markets.

Kiwi supplier in Iran

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What is the season for Kiwi?

Kiwis are among the fruit that can be harvested while raw, and ripen after the farm. So like bananas, they are harvested before they are fully grown and can hit the markets before the original harvesting season. The kiwi fruits are mostly harvested from the second month of autumn, and the harvesting continues until mid-winter every year.

Kiwi supplier in Iran collect and store the fruits in these months. Some of these suppliers export the kiwis to the foreign markets themselves. Some of them also, sell their products to big international fruit companies, and they’ll do the distribution.

Kiwi supplier in Iran

Kiwi export packaging

The packaging of the kiwi fruits is an important step, during their export process. Kiwi supplier in Iran, first separate the kiwis based on their shape and sizes. They Packaged in boxes made of plastic or cardboard, and packed based of the capacity of the box.

These boxes must be able to protect the kiwis from physical harms, during all the stages of the transport. They must also keep the kiwis away from fresh air, in order to keep them fresh for longer. Also, one of the biggest challenges in shipping fruit is the heat, and these boxes must protect the kiwis from that, as well.

Kiwi supplier in Iran

Best Kiwi supplier in Iran

Kiwis are a big part of the Iranian agricultural products and produced on a commercial scale. Because of this popularity, there are a lot of kiwi supplier in Iran. These suppliers connect the local farmers with the internal, and international markets from all over the world.

They collect the kiwis from the farmers every year and store them in their storage units. Some of the big suppliers, export the kiwis to other countries like Iraq, and Russia themselves. Some of them also act as a proxy and distribute the fruits to the international markets via the help of big international fruit companies.

Kiwi supplier in Iran

Vitarad company Kiwi sales

Vitarad is one of the biggest and oldest kiwi supplier in Iran. The kiwis presented by this company have the highest quality available in the Iranian fruit market. Every year during the harvesting season, this company collect fresh kiwis from the finest farms in Iran and stores them in their well-equipped storage facilities.

These fruits then distributed to both local and international markets by this company. Russia and Iraq are the biggest customers of the Iranian fruit and can import their goods via Vitarad company. The kiwis presented by the company known internationally and are in high demands everywhere. They also work with other international fruit distribution companies and sell directy to them.

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