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Largest exporter of apples from Iran

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Iranian apple exportApple good quality packaging for exportWholesale price of Iranian appleLargest exporter of applesApple exports by VITARAD company
Largest exporter of apples

The history of apple farming in Iran goes back to thousands of years ago and the country, has always been one of the main producers of apples in Iran. There are also many different fruit companies trading these amazing fruits in the country and all of them are trying to be the largest exporter of apples.

The international apple markets are extremely competitive and many countries are trying to be the largest exporter of apples. This is because of the fact that apples are known all over the world, and one of the main fruits in all of the countries. They are produced on very large scales in most countries and their annual revenue is over billions of dollars.

Largest exporter of apples

Iranian apple export

Being one of the biggest producers of apples, Automatically makes Iran among the top exporters in the world as well. However, Iranian apple exports are most limited to the Middle East and West Asian regions and The largest exporter of apples in this region is Iran. There are a lot of different types of apples produced in the Iranian farms and the harvesting season is mostly around autumn. Most of the apples produced in Iran are from internationally popular cultivars like Red and Golden Delicious, Fuji, and Granny Smith. They are very popular in the neighboring fruit markets. They are also a really big part of the Iranian agriculture.

Largest exporter of apples

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Apple good quality packaging for export

In order to send the products to the best most luxurious markets in the world, you’ll need packaging. Even the largest exporter of apple in the world can’t send out its products without packaging. This process will help protect the fruit from Physical harms and make the transportation easier.
Especially in the case of apples, which are fruits with very fragile skin. Even the smallest cuts or bruises in the skin of the apple will expose the flesh to the open air and spoil the product. The production companies usually make these packages from cardboard or plastic materials in different capacities.

Largest exporter of apples

Wholesale price of Iranian apple

Iran is the largest exporter of apples in the Middle East and its products are found in most neighboring countries. Most of the Middle Eastern countries do not have a lot of apple production. Thus, they need to supply their markets from one of the big producers in the world.
Iran is the best choice for these countries, not only for the high quality of its apples, but also for the short distance. Shipping is a costly process and accounts for a large part of the fruit’s final retail price. So the shorter the distance, the lower will the transportation fees and the final price of the fruit will probably be.

Largest exporter of apples

Largest exporter of apples

The largest exporter of apples on the global scale is China with 19.5% of the total apple trades. There are also a lot of American and European countries which export apples as one of their main products. The apple production of Iran accounts for 3% of the global production and its exports holds around 1% of the share.
Even though, Iranian apple exports is a multi-million dollar big industry. The biggest customer of these amazing apples is the United Arab Emirates with importing more than 60% of the fruits. There are also some minor exports to The European countries and Egypt.

Largest exporter of apples

Apple exports by VITARAD company

There are many big and small fruit companies which are actively exporting Iranian apples. The Vitarad fruit company is among the most reliable and largest exporter of apples in Iran. This company collects the highest quality table apples from the farms and local markets all over the country. They then store these amazing apples and then package them for foreign and local distribution.
There are also some big international fruit companies that work with them and they export their apple through them. Vitarad company always exports some of the finest Iranian apples all over the world. The products with Vitarad packaging are very well known and popular in the neighboring markets and always in high demands.