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Mango export from Bangladesh to Iran

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Use of mangoes in the food industryWhat are the benefits of using mango?Mango production in BangladeshBuy mango by country of IranMango export from Bangladesh
Mango export from Bangladesh

Iran is not a tropical country and forced to imports most of its tropical fruits such as mango from other big producers of the world. Mango export from Bangladesh to Iran supply a part of the country’s markets, as Bangladesh is one of the main suppliers of high quality mangoes in the region.

Mango export from Bangladesh are among the highest quality products which are available in the world and are in very high demands. This country’s climate is perfect for producing mangoes and it supplies some of the world’s top mangoes. These fruits are also very important for the people of the country and are consumed by them on very large scales.

Mango export from Bangladesh

Use of mangoes in the food industry

Mangoes widely used in different branches of the food industry, and there are many different products in every super market that mango flavored. First grade Mango export from Bangladesh mostly used for fresh consumption in Iran. But many of the world’s top producers of these fruits, use their second grade products for food industry processes and make many different products.
These mangoes are not necessarily lower in quality, and might just physically deformed and not suitable for the markets. Mango extracts are one of the main products of this industry. They used in many different commercially produced foods.

Mango export from Bangladesh

What are the benefits of using mango?

These juicy tropical fruits are not only delicious, but are full of different nutrients and vitamins as well. Consuming mangoes on a regular basis keeps cholesterol in a balanced state. They contain plenty of antioxidants, and can used as face mask or scrubs to keep the skin hydrated and young.
These fruits are also full of potassium and sodium which are essential for the body’s function. They are found in all of Iranian markets and Mango export from Bangladesh also help this come true. They are also a great source of energy and can boost your energy levels before exercising or matches.

Mango export from Bangladesh

Mango production in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a tropical country in Central Asia and has the perfect climate for producing high quality mangoes. They produce 1.2 million metric tons of mangoes every year. This amount of production, accounts for around 3.3% of the total global production of mangoes.
This is not a very bad figure considering more than half of the world’s mangoes produced in India with more than 18 million tons. Mango export from Bangladesh are also increasing every year and are helping the country’s economy. There are plans to increase this mango production and export in the near future.

Mango export from Bangladesh

Buy mango by country of Iran

Iran supplies its mangoes from many different producers and in large scales. Mango export from Bangladesh supply a part of the markets but it is not enough for the vast country. The consumption of mangoes has become very popular with the people of Iran recently.
As a result, the amounts of annual mango imports is constantly and steadily increasing and Iran is always looking for new suppliers. A large part of the imports is done from the neighboring country of Pakistan in the east. There are also large amounts of imports from India, Thailand, and Philippines every harvesting season.

Mango export from Bangladesh

Mango export from Bangladesh

The government of the country has a lot of plans to boost the production and Mango export from Bangladesh. Up until recently, the country mostly targeted the European markets. But there are plans for the near future to increase the amounts of exports to Asian customers as well. One of the biggest mango markets of the world is the Middle East.
The countries in these regions do not produce mangoes, but import them on large scales every year. Most of the mangoes in these regions supplied from some of the biggest producers of mangoes in the world such as India, and Philippines who dominate these region’s markets. Bangladesh has also got plans, to have a bigger share of this amazing market.