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Orange bell pepper export from Iran’s cities

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What is the difference between orange Bell pepper with red?Iran is a producer and exporter of Bell peppersThe most important cities for making Bell peppersPackaged orange Bell peppersOrange bell pepper export from Iran
Orange bell pepper export

Bell pepper is one of the agricultural products that Iran exports to other countries and the orange bell pepper is the one with lots of popularity among the consumers. Orange bell pepper export from different cities of Iran is increasing day by day to meet the needs of local and foreign consumers.

bell pepper has got lots of benefits for the body for the many antioxidants it contains. And that why suggested by many food experts. Bell pepper export has increased in recent years due to the great interest of the farmers to produce this product. Many cities of Iran are now producing this vegetable to export to the neighboring countries in the area.

Orange bell pepper export

What is the difference between orange Bell pepper with red?

Bell peppers are coming in different colors of green, yellow, orange and red and the orange and red varieties are the most popular among the consumers. Orange bell peppers have thick flesh and are sweet but not as sweet as the red ones. Also, the orange bell peppers are cheaper than the red variety, but more expensive than the green and yellow ones.

The red bell peppers are the ripest whereas the orange colored ones considered to be mildly ripened. Therefore, the longer they are on the vine, they get more ripen. Red bell peppers have 11 times more beta-carotene, about two times more vitamin C and ten times more vitamin A than the green bell pepper.

Orange bell pepper export

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Iran is a producer and exporter of Bell peppers

Since bell peppers are so delicious, there is a great demand for this product in both the local and foreign market. Bell peppers have recently used a lot in different cuisines around the world for the great taste it has. Iran is one of the big produces of bell pepper in the area and exports this great vegetable to many other countries.

The quality of the product has made Iran one of the bests in exporting bell peppers. The farmers must harvest bell peppers in the right time when they are orange and not completely ripen. The companies exporting orange bell peppers are usually looking for the quality product to export to other countries demanding for this product.

Orange bell pepper export

The most important cities for making Bell peppers

Nowadays most of the agricultural products produced in greenhouses and like other products, bell pepper also produced in greenhouses. Some cities which are very famous for their colored bell pepper production in Iran are Isfahan and Bandar Abbas. These cities also have a great role in exporting this vegetable to other countries.

Isfahan is producing high quality bell peppers and the orange bell pepper production also conducted in greenhouses. The produced bell pepper exported to countries such as Russia, Iraq, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait. This product improves agriculturing in these cities.

Orange bell pepper export

Packaged orange Bell peppers

Since exporting vegetables to other countries requires great focus on the quality, packaging the product is also very important. The exporting companies export the products in different packs in different sizes. The first and the most important part of the job is sorting out the product by machines and then putting them in proper boxes for export.

These companies help the farmers in finding the market for their product as well as increasing the export rate of the country. Well-packaged orange bell pepper export is very important for the country. It also brings about health benefits as well.

Orange bell pepper export

Orange bell pepper export from Iran

As Iran is one of the leading countries in exporting vegetables and fruits in the area, the export of orange bell pepper from Iran is also high. This nicely colored and healthy vegetable is of a high demand in the world for the many benefits it has. This vegetable produced, sorted, packaged and exported from Iran to most of the Asian countries.

Orange bell pepper export from Isfahan and Bandar Abbas cities is increasing day by day. This product exported to the neighboring Asian countries because of the improper weather conditions in their countries. Bell pepper production brings agricultural boost to these cities. Therefore, the farmers get more eager to produce quality products for export.

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