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Organic cucumber for sale

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Organic cucumberExport of Organic Cucumbers in IranWhich country is Iran's most important buyer of cucumbers?Introduction to Some Properties of Organic CucumbersOrganic cucumberWhat is organic cucumber?Cucumber production in the worldWhich country produces the most cucumbers?Cucumber Production In IranWhere to buy organic cucumbersOrganic cucumber for sale
Organic cucumber for sale

Organic cucumber for sale are good in the market and some are looking for the best for home or export to other countries. vitarad Company is proud to ship this product to all parts of Iran with different packaging according to customer’s request, with suitable packaging in zipper or sanitary ware in carton.

Organic cucumber

Cucumber a native plant of India and from there it has reached other parts of the world. About twenty centuries BC, the ancient Egyptians used it. Cucumber is a herbaceous, one-year-old herb that has a crawling stalk covered with thin, rough thorns and its leaves are large and angular and toothed. The flowers are yellow in both male and female forms on one pedestal.

Its fruit may be small and pale, long, coarse, etc. depending on the variety. Chemical components of cucumber include saponins and various enzymes such as proteolytic, etc., vitamins and minerals. Due to its slim and crispy appearance, organic cucumber for sale are in demand on the market.

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Organic cucumber

Export of Organic Cucumbers in Iran

One of the fruits that the country earns a lot of money every year through its export to other countries is cucumber exports. have many customers organic cucumbers for sale in Iran because of their unique taste and high quality. Organic cucumbers exported to other countries such as Iraq in high quality and at a reasonable price, in addition to meeting the needs of the people in the country. The price of cucumbers not fixed due to changes in the currency and the dollar and is changing day by day.

It should noted that this product has different types such as green cucumber, common cucumber, Armenian cucumber, etc.You can go directly to the sales and marketing centers of the cucumber market for information on cucumber prices, and after consulting with sellers find out about the price of this product or contact our company consultants.

Export of Organic Cucumbers in Iran

Which country is Iran’s most important buyer of cucumbers?

Organic Iranian cucumbers produced in a tonnage which has made it quite possible to export this product. Fortunately, many businessmen are also exporting cucumbers to neighboring countries. Iraq is one of the most important buyers of Iranian cucumbers, and one of the most important export destinations of Iranian organic cucumbers. Because of its deliciousness, the many uses of cucumbers for making salads, etc., the numerous benefits of this fruit for human health.

This product not only has many fans in the country but also has numerous enthusiasts abroad and organic cucumbers for Sales exported to other countries. Anyone can obtain cucumber seeds from reputable centers if they have sufficient expertise and knowledge in the field of agriculture and can cultivate and trade this crop.

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 Which country is Iran's most important buyer of cucumbers?

Introduction to Some Properties of Organic Cucumbers

Due to the properties of this product, organic cucumber for sale has attracted a lot of fans. Here are some of the properties of organic cucumber:
Cucumber contains a small amount of fiber, minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin C. Therefore, cucumbers enhance digestive function. In addition, organic cucumber is effective in absorbing iron due to its vitamin C content.

  • Cucumber has a cooling effect due to its cold nature, which makes it very refreshing and refreshing to the consumer, as well as significantly reducing thirst and heat.
  • Since 95% cucumber is made up of water, eating a cup of grated or sliced cucumber is equivalent to drinking a glass of water.
  • Cucumber consumption is recommended and recommended for patients with hypertension due to their significant amounts of potassium and magnesium, but it is restricted for renal patients.
  • Organic cucumber with skin is better because of its rich fiber, potassium and magnesium.
  • Also organic cucumber has diuretic, emollient, laxative, laxative and repellent properties of pumpkin.
  • Organic cucumber has antioxidant properties in reducing stress and anxiety, insomnia, nervous disorders.
  • Cucumbers are harmful in the elimination of toxins and fats and in the treatment of kidney pains, gout, arthritis, rheumatism, obesity, bladder inflammation and infectious and severe fever.

Introduction to Some Properties of Organic Cucumbers

Organic cucumber

Organic cucumber is continuing to increase their sale in the recent years. It has become a real popular international trend recently. As a result, a lot of big fruit companies have tried to shift their products to organic to attract more customers and a lot of stores have organic cucumber for sale.
Cucumbers should be grown on soils that have good water infiltration rates and moisture-holding capacities. Cucumbers are very sensitive to cold. The plants as well as the fruit can injured by even a slight frost. That’s why greenhouse cucumbers have become so popular in the world, because of the ease of farming and production.Organic cucumber


What is organic cucumber?

Organic cucumbers are the product of a farming system which avoids the use of man-made chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Organic foods have a higher nutrient content, are kinder to the environment. They are livestock and healthier than conventionally produced foods. There are other reasons, besides nutrition, that people choose organic cucumbers. Such as taste, to avoid pesticides and a concern for the environment. Organic farming is also better for overall soil quality. That’s why in today’s society, most people interested in organic food and demand them from the stores, and a lot of stores offer organic cucumber for sale.What is organic cucumber?


Cucumber production in the world

Cucumbers are native to India and introduced into China 2,000 years ago. They were then brought to Europe, most likely first into Greece, from which their cultivation spread into Italy, Germany, and France, and then the rest of the Europe. From there, cucumbers traveled to Africa and even America too. These days, cucumbers have become an important part of the international cuisine and very popular worldwide, so they are grown in almost all countries.Cucumber production in the world


Which country produces the most cucumbers?

There around 80 million tons of cucumbers produced in the world every year. For quite some time now, China has been standing in the number one spot as the world’s largest cucumbers producer. They produce 55 million tons of this vegetable annually. Russia, Iran and Turkey are also in the next ranks with the annual production of around 2 million tons each. European countries have also been trying to increase their cucumber production in the past years.Which country produces the most cucumbers?


Cucumber Production In Iran

Iran is the 3rd biggest producer of cucumbers in the world with annual production of more than two million tons. There are also 3500 hectares of green houses that produce cucumbers in Iran. Most of the Iranian cucumbers produced in the states of Isfahan, Yazd, Tehran, Sistan and Baluchistan, and Semnan. Also, according to the Iranian customs, 200000 tons of these products exported to countries like Russia, Iraq, and Azerbaijan in the past year.Cucumber Production In Iran


Where to buy organic cucumbers

Fresh-market cucumbers are usually available all year. This is because of the fact that they cultivated in both the northern and the southern hemisphere. Organic cucumbers are also healthier and more expensive. They do not contain any chemical pesticides and conservative. They grown in traditional ways that required more time and more money. But even though they are more expensive, they are popular, so a lot of places have organic cucumber for sale.Where to buy organic cucumbers


Organic cucumber for sale

Organic cucumber is cheapest when bought directly from a farmer or producer. Buying local, organic food you’re your local farmers market will often cost less than the non-organic equivalent. Because of the common usage of chemical pesticides in cucumber farms, Organic cucumbers have become rare and precious. But they have got their customers and a lot of people know about their benefits and only buy organic cucumbers. As a result of this increasing popularity, most companies are competing in presenting their customers with organic cucumbers and food.

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