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Persian bell peppers for sale

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Production all colors of bell pepperBest bell peppers for exportBell pepper packaging for exportExports of Persian bell pepper to neighboring countriesRussian buyers of Persian bell peppersBest bell peppers for sale
Persian bell peppers

Persian bell peppers with a lot of nutritional and therapeutic benefits, and several pleasant colors and flavors make up a large part of the market for sale. So, Iranian farmers annually provide a very high percentage of this product for domestic sales and exports to neighboring countries.
An average green bell pepper meets more than 100% of the daily requirement for vitamin C. So, it is so popular among people.
The exporting directive facilitates delivering all kinds of fruits and vegetables including:
sweet and sour lime
other fresh fruit
Potatoes and Onions
Varieties of bell Peppers
The bell peppers of Iran’s provinces, including Hamedan province, are on the dish of many countries such as, Russia, Central Asia and the Gulf.

Persian bell peppers

Production all colors of bell pepper

Persian bell peppers are in yellow, orange, red and green colors. The green type is cheaper and is very useful in cooking. Bell peppers are rich in vitamins, such as thiamine, riboflavin and B6, which are vitamins that convert food into energy. Bell pepper is also a plant rich in fiber, protein and iron. The red bell pepper is the same as the green. Red pepper has the highest amount of vitamin C. It has also the strongest antioxidant. Red pepper, helps bone health. Green peppers are rich in magnesium. Yellow peppers are rich in vitamins. Additionally, yellow and orange bell peppers work as natural sunglasses.

Persian bell peppers

Best bell peppers for export

Currently, Iranian crops such as watermelon, melons, lettuce, cabbage, and potatoes, peppermint, oatmeal are exported to many countries. Such as Russia, Oman, etc. The major neighboring countries provide millions of dollars. Worth of fruits, vegetables and grapes from different countries each year. Iran has a significant share of this market. It should be noted that the high quality crops such as bell peppers in happy colors have made the best opportunity for the delivery of these products to the global market.

Persian bell peppers

Bell pepper packaging for export

The Organization for Commercial Development of Iran issued the first directive on the packaging of exportable fruits and vegetables in April of 2016. Iranian exporters have tried to minimize the amount of waste in shipping their products. Appropriate packaging while developing their product markets. Iranian exporters, with the right packaging. Use of refrigerated trucks and refrigerated boats, cover most of the world market demand. For each agricultural and gardening product including Persian bell peppers, the standard limit and packing types are

Persian bell peppersspecified.

Exports of Persian bell pepper to neighboring countries

The markets of neighboring countries, especially Afghanistan and Iraq, are the main Iranian export markets. Iran’s export companies are ready to export bell peppers to Russia, Dubai and other neighboring countries. The Persian exporters have a reasonable price. Competitive and good packaging and having experience and expertise as the three main prerequisites for the presence of the fruit and vegetable market of Oman.

Persian bell peppers

Russian buyers of Persian bell peppers

Much of the cultivated lands in Iran are related to the production of bell peppers. Russia is one of the greatest buyers of Persian bell peppers in the world. Due to having a cold weather, Russia does not have the potential to produce many tropical products and crops. While Russians consume very high amounts of vegetables and fruits, especially tropical vegetables such as bell peppers.

Persian bell peppers

Best bell peppers for sale

Bright colors of bell peppers are rich in the best of nutrients. It’s said that bell peppers are the best source vitamin C. Green bell peppers are also rich in beta-carotene. But the amount of this antioxidant in the red pepper is several times more than that. It should be noted that the consumption of bell peppers is a way to increase vitamin B6 and folic acid in the body. Colored bell peppers are rich in bioflavonoids. These pigments help prevent cancer. The more colorful the peppers are, the higher the sterol content is. These compounds are also a precursor to vitamin D, which prevents the onset of cancer.

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