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Persian cucumber export to Dubai

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Cucumber production of IranJoinery relations of Iran with neighbor Arabic countriesAdvantages of export to DubaiAdvantages of greenhouse cucumberCucumbers are really healthyCucumber production in IranThe difference between Persian cucumbers and Chinese cucumbersPersian cucumber export from IranExport cucumbers to DubaiPrices of cucumbers in Dubai
Persian cucumber export to Dubai

Persian cucumber export to Dubai is very high. Iran provides 14% of United Arabic Emirate required cucumber and has the third score in this field. This country buys only 2% of its cucumber from European countries. Average price of cucumber that is importing to U.A.E is 2 Dirham.

Cucumber production of Iran

Production of Iranian cucumber has the third score in world. Iran produces more than 2-million-ton cucumber every year and has the third score of universal production. Spring production of this crop is in Golestan state (usually in greenhouse) and summer production of cucumber is done in many regions of Iran. Chief part of autumn production of cucumber is in Fars state and in greenhouses.

In winter this crop is producing in southern parts of Iran and also in greenhouses. Every year almost 27000-ton cucumber is exporting to these countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Afghanistan, Sweden, Netherland, Kuwait and Russia. Also Persian cucumber exported to Dubai, here too, it has third score.

Cucumber production of Iran

Joinery relations of Iran with neighbor Arabic countries

The countries in Persian Gulf neighborhood have good Joinery relations with Iran and are nice markets for nonpetroleum exports of Iran. Emirate country is one of biggest joinery participants of Iran and relations of these two countries through recent years are increasing. In other words, through these years Iran has used this country as port to arrival of other countries’ articles.

Many of articles re-exported from Emirate to Iran. So, last year Emirate was the biggest exporter to Iran and exported 3774 articles to Iran for 11 milliard dollars. Versus, Iran also had good exports to this country. Last year Iran exported 1007 articles to Emirate for more than 4 milliard dollars. One part of these articles is fruits and vegetables.

[box type=”warning” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Also Persian cucumber export to Dubai is in high level.[/box]

Joinery relations of Iran with neighbor Arabic countries

Advantages of export to Dubai

United Arabic Emirate is the second big export market for Iranian articles and crops. Through 2018 more than 6 milliard and 764 million dollar article exported to this country. The weight of export in this year to mentioned country was 18089000 tons. Export of fruits to Emirate is one of expansive trades. After petroleum articles and light oils and steel, the best articles that are exported to Dubai are saffron, carpet, fruit and pistachio.

Among fruits the Persian cucumber export to Dubai has considerable place. High qualified cucumbers are chosen for export to other countries. Some advantages of export to Dubai and import from Dubai are the benefits that  obtained by merchants because customhouse doesn’t take tax for them and also for Persian cucumber export to Dubai.

Advantages of export to Dubai

Advantages of greenhouse cucumber

To increase Persian cucumber export to Dubai, this crop is cultivating in greenhouse, then after harvesting it is sorting. Cucumber is a crop that if special investigating is done on that, there will be possibility to manage its sale in and out of country. Because this crop has high demand and many consumers use that. Therefore, it is possible to observe various production methods for this crop. In greenhouse atmosphere you can have better management on cucumber cultivation and result that the harvested crop will have the best quality.

Experiences show that greenhouse cucumber has some advantages, they have:

  1. Quality
  2. Brittleness
  3. Thin hull
  4. Transparence and
  5. Health, therefore many people accept them.

One region in Iran that produces many types of cucumber and is very active in this groundwork is Jiroft. Crop of Jiroft has many votaries in market. In this county use of greenhouse environment is very noteworthy and greenhouse is used very professionally.

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Advantages of greenhouse cucumber

Cucumbers are really healthy

Cucumbers are among the most popular vegetables on the international cuisine and consumed raw, or used in salads and other types of food. Iran is the biggest producers of cucumbers in the Middle east and one of the biggest in the world, and there are Persian cucumber exports to Dubai every year.

Cucumbers are really healthy and besides being really low in sugar and carbohydrates, they are also a great way for the body’s hydration. Pickling is also a popular form of cucumber consumption all over the world.

Persian cucumbers are ideal candidates for making pickles, because they have got a thin skin, which makes the final product crunchier.Cucumbers are really healthy


Cucumber production in Iran

Iran is the third biggest producer of cucumbers in the world with the production of more than two million tons, every year. These healthy vegetables are grown in both greenhouses and open farms. Most of the greenhouses for Persian cucumbers located in the southern and middle states of Iran.

Because, in this method, there is less water usage and higher production yields. These 2 million tons produced in over 3500 hectares of open farms and greenhouses all over the country. Persian cucumbers are known all over the world for their thin skin, sweet flesh. Also and having few or no seeds at all, which makes them very popular for pickling.


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The difference between Persian cucumbers and Chinese cucumbers

There are a lot of differences between the Persian cucumbers and the Chinese types. First of all, Iranian cucumbers are longer than the other types. Their skins are also much thinner which makes them ideal for pickle industry.

These thin skins will make the final pickled product much crunchier. The Flesh of the Iranian cucumbers are also known for their sweet taste. The bitter taste is one of the biggest problems with the cucumbers worldwide, which is not seen in the Persian types. They also contain less or no seeds at all, and this facts makes them more popular for fresh consumption.The difference between Persian cucumbers and Chinese cucumbers


Persian cucumber export from Iran

There more than 200000 tons of fresh and pickled Persian cucumbers exported from Iran on a yearly basis. Most of the cucumbers are sent to neighboring and Middle Eastern countries. The countries of Iraq, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates are the biggest customers of the Iranian cucumbers. Iranian cucumbers are sent to these countries through the land and the sea borders.

They are also extremely popular and high demanding in these markets. Because of the high amounts of production in Iranian farms and their high quality, Iranian cucumbers are the region’s countries’ first choice.Persian cucumber export from Iran


Export cucumbers to Dubai

Dubai and the other states in the United Arab Emirates, are one of the biggest customers of Persian cucumbers. There tens of thousands of fresh cucumbers sent there, every year. The cucumbers also sent as both fresh and pickles. The short distance between the countries and the vast sea border between them will reduce the transportation costs.

These lower shipping costs will result in lower retail prices and make the trade more convenient. Exporting cucumbers to Dubai, is a multi-million dollar deal for Iran. And also the customers are happy with the high quality of the products.Export cucumbers to Dubai


Prices of cucumbers in Dubai

Persian cucumbers sent to all the corners of the world. The shipping costs, have the biggest impact on a product’s final retail price. Because of the geographical closeness of the two countries, these costs lowered and there is a more reasonable market price. There are also different varieties of cucumbers with different prices.

Also, cucumbers farmed in greenhouses are generally less favored in international markets and are a little cheaper. Organic non-GMO cucumbers are very popular everywhere and always have a higher price than other types.  Also, the final price in Dubai depends on the season of the year. Since at some points in the year, there are less cucumbers available, and the prices will rise.

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