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Persian cucumber varieties for sale

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Persian cucumber varietiesIranian cucumber exportExports of cucumbers to RussiaCucumber exports to UAEPrices per ton of cucumbersPersian cucumber for sale
Persian cucumber varieties

Cucumbers have been around for more than 3000 years and are now one of the biggest vegetables cultivated on the planet, and are enjoyed in every country of the world. Iran is also among the top countries producing and exporting cucumbers, and there are a lot of available Persian cucumber varieties for sale.

Cucumbers are among the vegetables that can grow both open farms and in greenhouses. And are available all year long. They are low in calories and contain a good amount of water and fiber, and can be great for the body’s hydration.

They also contain some levels of antioxidants that is good for the blood flow and can prevent heart diseases.

Persian cucumber varieties

Persian cucumber varieties

Cucumbers are originally put into three categories of Slicing, Pickling and Burp less. Also and there are different Persian cucumber varieties from all three categories. There are a lot of official cucumber varieties cultivated in different states of Iran, with different climate and soil conditions.

Organic cucumbers harvested in the open farms all over the country. And there are also a lot of greenhouses that dedicated to cucumber production. Greenhouse cucumber are a more favorite option of dry regions because they use less water and have a high production rate. A lot of these different varieties are also among the popular international cultivars.

Persian cucumber varieties

Iranian cucumber export

Iran ranks the 3rd place among the biggest producers of cucumbers in the world with the annual production of 2million tons. Russia, Iraq, and some other neighboring countries are the biggest importers of this fruit with thousands of tons every year.

Iranian cucumbers exported as fresh fruit and also as pickled cucumbers to some of the importing countries. These cucumbers are very popular in the Importing countries’ markets and are constantly in high demands.

Persian cucumber varieties

Exports of cucumbers to Russia

Iran exports more than 200000 tons of its cucumbers every year. Russia is among the biggest customers of the Iranian agricultural products. There are thousands of tons of different Persian cucumber varieties, exported to Russia every year.

A lot of big Iranian and international companies trade these fresh vegetables between the two countries. These trades are a multi-million-dollar industry and the high quality of these goods, have also made customers extremely happy.

Persian cucumber varieties

Cucumber exports to UAE

The United Arab Emirates supplies a large amount of its agricultural needs from the farms of Iran. Every year, thousands of tons of fresh and pickled Iranian cucumbers sent to that country and distributed between its markets.

The short distance between the two countries and the sea border, will help reduce the shipping costs.Which and makes the trade more convenient. . Persian cucumbers are extremely popular and high demanding in the United Arab Emirates.

Persian cucumber varieties

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Prices per ton of cucumbers

There are a lot of factors in setting the wholesale prices of cucumbers. The first and most important indicating factor of these prices, is the cucumber’s type. As some varieties are harder and more expensive to grow, and also sell better in the markets.

For example, there are a lot of different types of Persian cucumber varieties with different prices. The shipping and distribution costs are also a big part of the overall expenses and can increase the final price of the vegetable.

Persian cucumber varieties

Persian cucumber for sale

Persian cucumbers found in a lot of the corners of the world, as they one of the biggest exported vegetables in the world. Iran is also the third biggest producer of this vegetable, and accounts for a big part of the international market.

Even though most of the Persian cucumbers exported to Middle Eastern countries. Which there are some trades with countries from all over the world. Persian cucumbers are also very popular everywhere as they have a sweet taste, thin skin, and seedless fleshes. A lot of local companies have Persian cucumbers for sale, available to all interested companies and importers.

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