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Persian pomegranate export to Dubai

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What are the benefits of pomegranates?Persian pomegranatePersian pomegranate harvestExport pomegranates from IranPersian pomegranates in DubaiWholesale price of pomegranates
Persian pomegranate

Pomegranates are one of the healthiest fruits in the world and Iran is the number one producer of them in both in the Middle East and the world. Every year, there are lots of Persian pomegranate exports to Dubai and other neighboring countries like Iraq and Russia, on a massive scale.

Every day, more and more people are informed from the benefits of these amazing fruits. And the popularity of the pomegranates is constantly on the rise. They have a huge amount of antioxidants in them, which makes them an ideal fruit for people with heart problems. Persian pomegranates are also considered by many to be the best in the world.

Persian pomegranate

What are the benefits of pomegranates?

Persian pomegranates get their vibrant red color from a type of powerful antioxidants in them called polyphenols. These antioxidants are extremely beneficial in reducing the risks of different heart diseases. They are also a great source of vitamin C, which can boost the body’s immune system.  A single average size pomegranate has more than 40% of the human body’s daily requirement of vitamin C.

There have also been many studies which linked pomegranates with the prevention of prostate cancer in men and Alzheimer’s disease. They can also help regulate the blood flow and help people with high or irregular blood pressures.

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Persian pomegranate

Persian pomegranate harvest

These days, pomegranates are grown in both the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres. As a result, they are available on the international markets all year long. On the other hand, most of the Persian pomegranates harvested in the months of autumn.

There are also many different types of sweet and sour pomegranates in different regions of Iran that have different harvesting times. But generally, sour pomegranates harvested a little earlier than the sweet types. Pomegranates produced in most of the Iranian states, but the biggest ones are Markazi, Fars, Central Khorasan, and Yazd.

Persian pomegranate

Export pomegranates from Iran

Pomegranates originally come from the regions of modern day Iran and northern India. Iran and India are also the biggest producers of this super fruit in the world, respectively. Iran produces around 800000 tons of pomegranates every year. This high amount of production satisfies the local markets’ needs and also leaves a huge amount for export.

Most of the Iranian pomegranates exported to Middle Eastern and neighboring countries like Iraq, Russia, the United Arab Emirates. These pomegranates are in high demands and extremely popular on the international markets.

Persian pomegranate

Persian pomegranates in Dubai

Dubai and the other states in the UAE, are one of the top destinations for Persian pomegranates. They do not have the required climate for producing pomegranates. And the supply most of their markets with the pomegranates from Iran.  The short distance between the two countries and the sea borders, have made the transportations much cheaper and easier.

Also the high quality of the exported Iranian pomegranates, is an important factor in this manner. These two facts made the trade between the two countries more convenient. There thousands of tons of pomegranates sent to Dubai every year.

Persian pomegranate

Wholesale price of pomegranates

As one of the biggest producers of pomegranates in the world, Iran holds a big share of the international pomegranate market. There are also a lot of international competitors on the market. These days, with the global increase in pomegranate productions, every country is trying to present the highest quality with the lowest prices.

Even though, Persian pomegranates have a special place internationally, due to their high quality and amazing taste. The shipping and distribution costs, account for a big part of the final pomegranates wholesale price. The type of the pomegranates is also an important indicating factor in setting the price. Also pomegranates are usually cheaper during the harvesting seasons.

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