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Price per ton of seedless grapes for export

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Production of grape varieties in IranWhich cities in Iran have the best grapes production?Benefits of seedless grapes consumptionBuy grapes for exportExport grapes From Iran
seedless grapes

Besides producing a lot of side products, grapes often enjoyed for fresh consumption and there a lot of different seedless cultivars produced in Iran which are perfect for this purpose. The price per ton of seedless grapes for export is also different in each case and depends on the grape’s variety.

Iran is the 8th largest producer of grapes in the world and there a lot of seeded and seedless grapes produced in this country. Iranian grapes are very healthy and high quality, and are rich in various vitamins and antioxidants which do amazing works for the body. These grapes also very well-known and popular on the international fruit markets.

seedless grapes

Production of grape varieties in Iran

There are more than 100 official Iranian grape cultivars which produced in different regions of the country with different climates and topographies. Some of the Iranian grapes like Asgari, Pikami, or Rish Baba are famous on the international markets. They come in seedless and seeded types and some only found and produced in Iranian vineyards.

Most of the seedless grapes distributed to the local markets or exported abroad for fresh consumption. They among the best table grapes found in the world and are very popular in every fruit market. They also very healthy and mostly grown in traditional organic vineyards.

seedless grapes

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Which cities in Iran have the best grapes production?

There are many different cities in Iran that are famous for their seeded and seedless grapes in and outside the country. The city of Urmia is one of the most famous grape producing cities in Iran. Most of the vineyards in this city produce seedless table grapes for fresh consumption.

The products of this city also supplies a big part of the Iranian grape exports and sent to many different countries. Also the state of Fars is the largest grape producer in Iran and has a lot of different cities producing high quality grapes. There are more than 336000 hectares of active vineyards in Iran.

seedless grapes

Benefits of seedless grapes consumption

The benefits of seedless grapes are so many that cannot be all said within a few lines. They packed with different nutrients but the most important is vitamin C. This vitamin is a natural anti-oxidant and can help boost the body’s immune system in a great way. There are also other anti-oxidants in grapes which help protect the body against various types of cancer and heart diseases.

Grapes ca also help regulate the blood pressure and ease its flow throughout the body. They may also decrease the blood sugar levels and protect against diabetes and help overweight people lose weight.

seedless grapes

Buy grapes for export

There are more than 3.3 million tons of seeded and seedless grapes produced in Iran. The largest part of these grapes consumed within the country or sent to factories to make side products. But still a big part of them are packaged and set for exports to many different countries.

Exporting grapes is a multi-million dollar industry and very important for big producer cities and its people. Iran is also the third biggest producer of raisins in the world, and exports a part of its grapes in the form of raisins. Like the Iranian grapes, these raisins are also very popular and are in high demands.

seedless grapes

Export grapes From Iran

International fruit companies export a large part of Iranian seeded and seedless grapes to the international markets. Russia in the north is the biggest customer of these products. Russia imports around 70% of the total Iranian exported grapes which comes to thousands of tons along the year.

There are many different Iranian grape cultivars and all of them have various harvesting seasons. Fresh eating grapes also have a very short shelf lives and must transferred to the markets as quick as possible. As a result, Most importer countries try to supply their grape markets from their neighboring countries. this explains the high number of Iranian grape imports by the Middle Eastern and West Asian countries.

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