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Prices of cucumbers for export from Iran

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Acceptable quality of Persian cucumber in the global marketProduction of Persian cucumber and barbed cucumber in Iranprice per cucumber of IranExport cucumber from IranPrices of cucumbers in market
Prices of cucumbers

Cucumbers are among the most popular vegetables in the world, and are also the biggest greenhouse products of Iran which grown in many different cities in the country. The prices of cucumbers for export from Iran different in each case based of the conditions surrounding the trade.

Cucumbers are one of the healthiest and most nutritious vegetables in the world. The prices of cucumbers are affordable everywhere, and considering their many benefits, they are an essential part of every diet worldwide. Cucumbers are very versatile vegetables that can grown in many different climates, and various countries are harvesting them commercially.

Prices of cucumbers

Acceptable quality of Persian cucumber in the global market

Iranian cucumbers are very acceptable in terms of quality and price, and because of these high standards they have become a popular item on the international fruit markets. Iranian cucumbers ate grown in both open farms and greenhouses all over the country.

The prices of cucumbers produced in Iran different based on their cultivar and method of growing. Open farms are more common in the northern states of the country and greenhouses in central and southern regions. They both have perfect export grade quality and amazing taste. Iranian cucumbers also exported to many different countries all year long.

Prices of cucumbers

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Production of Persian cucumber and barbed cucumber in Iran

There many different cucumber cultivars being produced in Iran, but the most common are the Persian and Barbed varieties. These cucumbers are the ones which mostly exported from the country as well. The products have got specific characteristics which have made them perfect for both fresh consumption and making pickles.

The prices of cucumbers are also different in these two cases. Persian cucumbers usually long and thin, while barbed Iranian cucumbers are short and thick. Also the barbed types have small dots all over their skin, in contrast to the Persian types.

Prices of cucumbers

price per cucumber of Iran

The prices of cucumbers grown in Iran could different based on their cultivar and method of harvesting. Various cultivars also exported for different purposes. The cucumbers which  sent for fresh consumption are much more expensive than the products which used for pickling.

Iranian barbed cucumbers are a popular product for making pickles all over the world. They have a certain set of characteristics which makes their pickles, some of the best products in the world. Many Iranian and international companies use Persian cucumbers as their main ingredient for their pickles.

Prices of cucumbers

Export cucumber from Iran

Iranian cucumbers the most popular in the Middle East region and exported to these countries on large scales. Russia is also the biggest customer of the high quality Iranian cucumbers. Russia has one of the biggest cucumber markets in the world.

Despite being higher than Iran in the list of top cucumber producing countries, Russia still imports more than 70% of the Iranian cucumbers on a yearly basis. The United Arab Emirates and Iraq are also the biggest Middle Eastern importers of these cucumbers. There are also some minor cucumber exports to the European countries.

Prices of cucumbers

Prices of cucumbers in market

The prices of cucumbers exported from Iran are quite affordable for the importing countries in the region. Most of the Iranian cucumbers exported to the neighboring countries and there are many different reasons for it. First of all, Iranian cucumbers are very high quality and they quickly become a popular product in each market.

The companies are able to sell their cucumber loads quickly with a good price. Also, supplying the cucumbers from a neighboring country is more profitable for these importers. This is because of the more shipping methods available, and their lower costs. Last but not least, the cucumbers are also able to reach the destination markets quickly, and as fresh as possible.

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