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Prices of greenhouse sweet peppers to export

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Planting sweet peppers in a greenhousePackaging greenhouse sweet peppersExport greenhouse sweet peppers from IranPrice per ton of Iranian sweet pepperIranian Sweet Peppers in Neighboring Stores
Greenhouse sweet peppers

Bell or sweet peppers are among the main greenhouse products in Iran and produced on very large commercial scales for exports. The prices of greenhouse sweet peppers to export are very versatile and different based on the bell peppers’ colors, sizes, and time of harvesting.

Open farm and greenhouse sweet peppers of Iran are very popular and also in excellent quality which have made them very popular on the international market. They produced in all the different states of Iran which have various climates. Bell peppers are a great source of vitamin C, and are a very healthy additions to everybody’s daily diets.

Greenhouse sweet peppers

Planting sweet peppers in a greenhouse

Bell peppers are among the vegetables which are grown great in greenhouses and the greenhouse sweet peppers are just as healthy and as nutritious as the open farm products. Bell peppers produced in greenhouses grown in a closed and controlled environment with adjustable temperature. So as a result, they don’t have a specific harvesting season and are available all year long.

Also in this method, it is much easier to protect the bell peppers against pests, and they require much less water. Because of this lower water consumption, greenhouses are more popular in the southern states of Iran. This method has got a higher production rate as well.

Greenhouse sweet peppers

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Packaging greenhouse sweet peppers

Greenhouse sweet peppers are sent directly to packaging after harvesting. It is an essential step in the exporting and distribution process of bell peppers, and these steps would be impossible without packaging. Bell peppers usually separated by colors and packaged in different boxes.

Different colored bell peppers have different demands on the international markets, and this will make their distribution easier. Also bell peppers are very fragile vegetables and the packages protect them from physical harms along the way. They also protect the bell peppers from direct heat as well.

Greenhouse sweet peppers

Export greenhouse sweet peppers from Iran

The greenhouse sweet peppers of Iran, account for a large part of the country’s pepper exports. They are every bit as perfect and healthy as the open farm products and are always in high demands, over on the international markets. This method might be more expensive than a farm in the beginning.

But it has a much lower annual production costs, and the controlled environment will make the plants to yield more products. They also use less water which is good for the environment and lowers the costs. These bell peppers also distributed and enjoyed within the local markets of Iran.

Greenhouse sweet peppers

Price per ton of Iranian sweet pepper

Iran has large quantities of bell pepper exports to many countries and markets of the world. The wholesale price of the greenhouse sweet peppers of Iran is different in every case. Different states of the country have different amounts of annual production and sell their products with various prices.

Generally, open farm bell peppers are more popular than the greenhouse types and cost a little more as well. This is because of the fact that open farm products considered more natural by the customers. The greenhouse products are also very popular and imported by many different markets.

Greenhouse sweet peppers

Iranian Sweet Peppers in Neighboring Stores

It is quite easy to fine the open farm and greenhouse sweet peppers of Iran in the neighboring stores. A big part of the Iranian agricultural products exported to the Middle Eastern and West Asian countries of the region. And in the case of bell peppers, Iran is one of their biggest suppliers. Bell peppers of Iran are the best choice for the Middle Eastern countries.

First of all, they are very high quality, and considered to be among the best sweet peppers in the world. Also these countries are close to this big source, and the short distance between Iran and these countries will help the transactions. This distance will lower the shipping costs, and the bell peppers will also reach the markets as fresh as possible.

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