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Purchase price of Iranian apple

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Production of different types of apples in IranYellow apple with the best qualityRed delicious applesWholesale of Iranian applePurchase price of apple from Iran
Iranian apple

Apples are one of the healthiest and most popular exporting products of Iran, and account for a large part of the Iranian agriculture and economy. These apples exported to many different countries in the world, and the purchase price of Iranian apple are different in each of these countries.

Iranian apple is extremely healthy, and considered by many to be one of the best fruits in the world. Apples are naturally full of different useful anti-oxidants, which can help protect the human body against many different diseases like cancer and heart attacks. They are low in calories and can be a healthy snack for people on diets or with diabetes.

Iranian apple

Production of different types of apples in Iran

There are more than 3.7 million tons of different cultivars of apple being produced in Iran every harvesting season, and most of these products are from internationally popular varieties. More than 1.2 million tons of Iranian apple are from the Red Delicious cultivar.
Red Delicious one of the most known and traded apple varieties in the world, and also accounts for most of the Iranian exports. Nearly a million ton of the Iranian production of apples also consisted of Golden Delicious apples. These apples are also as popular as their red types on the international markets. Other main apple cultivars in Iran include Fuji, and Granny Smith.

Iranian apple

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Yellow apple with the best quality

Yellow apples are a large part of the Iranian apple production and harvested all over the country. As sad before, Golden Delicious apple are the most common Iranian yellow apples. But overall, yellow apples account for more than 25% of the country’s apple production.
The yellow apples produced in Iran of the highest quality and exported to many different countries of the world. They mainly exported for fresh consumption, but there are some exports for making side products like juices and extracts as well. Yellow apples have also known to used in cooking.

Iranian apple

Red delicious apples

Red Delicious apples are among the top 5 apple cultivars over the international markets. They account for a large part of the global productions and around 30% of the Iranian apple. Also they are one of the best cultivars for fresh consumption because of their firm and sweet flesh.

And that also come in a very vibrant solid red color which attracts most of the eyes on the markets Red Delicious apples mostly produced in the western and north western states of Iran, like Azerbaijan. With 1.2 million tons, they are a big part of the Iranian agriculture and of very importance to the country.

Iranian apple

Wholesale of Iranian apple

Apples are a part of the Iranian lifestyle, and are a very important part of the people’s diets and daily snacks. So as a result, most of the Iranian apple distributed to the local markets within the country. A large part of them also exported n large commercial scales to the foreign countries.

The Middle Eastern countries are the largest importers of these high quality apples of Iran. The high quality of these apples and the short distance, made them the best choice for Middle Eastern importers. They also exported to other Asian and European countries, but on smaller scales.

Iranian apple

Purchase price of apple from Iran

Iranian apple exported to many different countries of the world, in a long period of time. So as a result of various circumstances of these exports, the purchase price for each of them could be different. Famous international cultivars like the Red and Golden Delicious usually have a global reference price. They traded on such large quantities that they have their own prices.

The season of the harvest is also very important, and most Iranian apple usually reach the markets in autumn. There are also factors like the distances and the transportations costs which can affect the prices of the apples. Since most of the Iranian customers are from the neighboring countries, the shipping costs are much lower.

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