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Red grapes price in Iran

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The benefits of red grapesVarieties of grapes in IranRed grapes priceExport Grapes From IranIranian Grape Prices
Red grapes price

Red grapes are among the most popular of the Iranian grape productions, and are both consumed within the country and exported, every year. The Red grapes price in Iran are much lower than in the foreign markets, and there are a lot of factors, that will affect the final retail prices of these amazing fruits.

There are many types of grapes including green, red, black, yellow and pink, that grow in clusters and come in seeded and seedless varieties. Grapes are grown in temperate climates across the world, in all of the continents, and also in Iran. The Red grapes price are also set in accordance to the variety and its properties, like skin thickness and taste.

Red grapes price

The benefits of red grapes

The biggest benefits of these varieties of grapes is that they are a rich source of antioxidants. Fruits that contain antioxidants can regulate blood pressure and reduce the risks of heart disease, which makes them ideal for heart patients. They are also one of the few sources of vitamin K, and 100 grams of grapes can provide more than a quarter of the daily need.

They also contain vitamin C, and potassium. There have also been some studies that have linked the regular consumption of fresh grapes, with lowering the risks of cancer. The Red grapes price may be different from other types, depending on the specie, size, and other factors.

Red grapes price

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Varieties of grapes in Iran

There hundreds of different varieties of grapes being produced in different regions of Iran with different climates. They come in all shapes and colors and some of them seeded, and some seedless. There are some famous varieties like Askari, and Rish baba that are known internationally.

These varieties are of the highest quality and are perfect for exports. Different varieties of Iranian grapes exported to different countries of the world as both fresh and as raisins. Some varieties are also more suitable for making raisins of other side products like juices and extracts.

Red grapes price

Red grapes price

Red grapes price is definitely different from other varieties of grapes. The prices could be lower or higher base on many different factors. For example, seedless grapes mostly used for fresh consumption and usually more expensive than the seeded types.

The size of the grapes is also very important, and the bigger size considered a sign of good quality. Sweet grapes are generally more popular, because they can used for both fresh consumption, and making raisins. Also the skin thickness of the grapes is an important factor in their quality and setting the final price.

Red grapes price

Export Grapes From Iran

Iran produces grapes on a very large scale and besides satisfying the local market’s needs, has thousands of tons of exports every year. The biggest importers of the Iranian high quality grapes are the neighboring countries. Iraq, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates are among the largest importers of these products.

There are also some amounts of exports to other countries of the world. There a lot of different varieties of Iranian grapes exported in different seasons of the year. The Iranian Red grapes price are also different in various foreign markets from all over the world.

Red grapes price

Iranian Grape Prices

Iranian grapes mostly exported to the Middle Easter and neighboring countries for a reason. One of the biggest parts in setting the final costs of the export, is the transportation costs.  The short distance between Iran and the importing countries will lower the shipping costs and increase the benefits.

These overall benefits will make these transactions much more convenient, and the final red grape’s prices, lower. Also different varieties of grapes have different prices based on their quality, color and taste. Iranian grapes are overall very popular on the international markets and are always in high demands. Besides these neighboring imports, there are also some imports from other continents.

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